What’s New at Adirondack Guitar: April 2019

April 09, 2019 8 min read

What’s New at Adirondack Guitar: April 2019

Spring Cleaning at Adirondack Guitar

Since the NAMM show wrapped up we have been getting in so many new guitars, and getting information on so many others that we can order, that we haven’t been able to tell you all about all of the great used guitars, basses and amps that we’ve taken in lately. If you’re looking for news about new guitars from brands like Sterling by Music Man,ESP/LTD,Schecter, andD’Angelico, you can find all kinds of info by visiting our blog. But if you’re interested in finding out more about all of the great used guitars, basses, amps and gear that we’ve gotten in recently, read on for more details.

Of course, before we get to the used guitars, we'd like to tell you about a new brand that we are happy to be carrying here: Cole Clark Guitars. Read on to learn more about the exciting Angel 2 EC Auditorium Acoustic/Electric, which is just one of the Cole Clark guitars that we currently have in our showroom. 

Cole Clark AN2EC-RDBLSB ANGEL 2 EC Redwood/Australian Blackwood Acoustic Electric Guitar

Cole Clark guitars uses a high percentage of locally and sustainably sourced timbers for its tonewoods which give their guitars a look that is not only unique to their brand, but is also unique from instrument to instrument. The Angel 2 EC acoustic electric features a single cutaway, internally carved, Grand Auditorium style body with a Redwood top and 3-piece Blackwood back and sides that deliver a sound that is bright and dynamic enough to really cut through the mix in the studio or on stage. The 3-piece back and headstock, combined with the beautiful white color of the Satin Box fingerboard really complements the Redwood top, giving it an elegant look to match its rich and versatile sound. The neck is made from Queensland Maple with a Satin Box fretboard that looks and plays like Maple but has a tone that is similar to Rosewood or Ebony and features gorgeous timber snowflake inlays and a natural satin finish that is smooth and buttery, a real pleasure to play.

The electronics in the Cole Clark ANGEL 2 feature the innovative Cole Clark 3-way preamp system which is designed to capture all of the frequencies emitted by the guitar and blend them into the most natural acoustic/electric sound on the market today. The system uses a unique face sensor with a piezo pickup and a condenser mic with a patented blend control that allows you to dial in the exact tone you are looking for. Each element of the 3-way preamp system is designed to hear only specific frequencies which allows you to play on any amp without feedback or annoying hum even at stage volume.

Due to the locally sourced timbers used in their guitars, each Cole Clark acoustic features unique grain patterns and sap lines that are inherent in the timbers. Though each guitar has a look that is all its own, Cole Clark guitars deliver a consistent tone that you really have to play to fully appreciate. By combining an Australian grown Redwood top, Tasmanian Blackwood back and sides, and a Queensland Maple neck with their unique 3-way analog preamp, the Cole Clark Angel 2 EC has a bright yet rich tone that is versatile enough for any style of acoustic music.

An Earthshaking Deal on a Bass!

Used Jackson JS3Q Concert 4 String Active Electric Bass

If you’re looking for a bass with lots of power and bright, punchy tone you can’t go wrong with this used Jackson JS3Q Concert 4 String. This gently used Jackson bass features an iconic double cutaway Poplar body and a gorgeous Cherry Burst finish that gives the Quilted Maple top a flamed look. The thin and super fast 34“ scale length neck is made from Maple with graphite reinforcements and features a 24 fret compound radius Rosewood fretboard with pearloid sharkfin inlays that feels so great you can play effortlessly for hours on end. This used Jackson gets its power and punch from a set of active Jackson humbucker pickups that have a bright and versatile tone without high-end sizzle which makes them perfect for just about any form of music. The controls are set up with independent volume controls for each pickup and tone controls for treble, mid-range, and bass, a 3-band EQ, giving you complete control over your instrument. The hardware includes a Jackson high mass fixed bridge with Diecast tuners and molded nut for superior intonation and incredible tuning stability. Watch the demo below to learn more about this amazingly versatile bass which we’re happy to offer at an even more amazing price!

Jackson JS3Q Demo:

Double-Cut Bolt-On Madness!

Are you looking for an iconic S-Style double cut guitar? Who isn’t, right? Well, if you are, you’re in luck -- we gotten several in recently, and here’s more info on two of our best:

Used G&L 2014 USA Legacy Electric Guitar with Case- Black Burst Maple Neck 

If your dream guitar is a S-style that blends that classic Alnico single-coil tone with a variety of modern refinements and superb craftsmanship, this used 2014 G&L Legacy is exactly what you’re looking for. This lightly used 2014 G&L USA Made in Fullerton Legacy features an iconic double-cut Swamp Ash body with a gorgeous premier Black Burst finish that has to be seen in person to be fully appreciated. This Legacy features a Hard Rock Maple neck with a Classic C profile and a 9.5“ radius and a 22-fret Rosewood fingerboard that is silky smooth and a pleasure to play.

This 2014 Legacy features vintage-spec CLF-100 Alnico V single coil pickups that have that unmistakable chime and quack of the best examples of Alnico single coils from the late ‘50s, with the addition of the Leo Fender designed Passive Treble and Bass tone control system which has a master volume control and two tone controls that allow you to dial in the precise amount of bass and treble that you need for your musical tastes.

While the G&L USA made Legacy has the looks and sound of the best classic s-style guitars, it features Leo Fender’s refined dual fulcrum tremolo system that allows you to bend notes sharp or flat with a silky smoothness that you have to feel to believe. Sealed back G&L tuners and a 100% bone nut ensure that this gently used Legacy will stay in tune no matter how aggressively you play.

 G&L Legacy Demo:

Used Fender 2005 USA American Standard Stratocaster Inca Silver with Hard Shell Case

This used 2005 Fender USA Standard Stratocaster in Inca Silver is in excellent condition, delivering all of the looks and feel of an iconic Stratocaster with a dynamic sound from its updated single coil pickups. If you are looking for that iconic double cutaway look and feel with a range of classic and modern sounds, take a closer look at this beauty! This gently used 2005 Fender USA American Standard Stratocaster features an iconic double cutaway alder body in a gorgeous Inca Silver. The modern ‘C’ shaped neck  features a light satin finish, making it silky smooth while the 22-fret rosewood fingerboard has a 9.5“ radius, offering supreme comfort and hours of effortless play.

The meat of this USA Standard Strat’s sound comes from the combination of its Alder body with its updated Fender single coil pickups. These Fender designed single coils feature staggered pole pieces that provide a more even string response, giving them an improved dynamic range. This gives the USA Standard Strat a smooth tone that is a bit more versatile than previous versions of the Strat, giving you increased control over the tone, twang and attack that you are looking for. No matter what musical style you are working with, this 2005 Fender USA Standard Strat offers the ideal combination of traditional and modern appointments and a range of modern and traditional tones.

Vintage Tone for the Digital Age

Used Marshall Code 25 Digital 25w Combo Amp  


This used Marshall Code 25 digital modeling combo amp is the perfect digital music solution for guitarists looking for a portable digital modeling combo with an array of classic Marshall tones that run the gamut of musical styles. The Code 25 provides four power amp models, 14 pre-amp models, eight speaker models and 24 effects (of which you can use up to 5 simultaneously), and a library of 100 classic Marshall preset tones that you can edit and dial up whenever you need them. Another advantage of the Marshall Code 25 is its nearly universal connectivity. Not only can you plug digital devices into it using USB and auxiliary inputs, you can also connect your Android or iOS devices to it via Bluetooth, allowing you to stream songs and backing tracks for a variety of purposes including recording and live performances.

The Code 25‘s controls include Presets, Volume, Gain, Master, and Bass, Middle and Treble EQ, allowing you to dial up preset tones, adjust them to suit your preferences and save the edited tones for use at a later time. Marshall also maintains a database of preset tones that you can download to the Code 25 by using the MyMarshall website. By providing an easy to use library of Marshall’s greatest amp tones, along with a selection of essential effects, this used Marshall Code 25 offers an incredible value for anyone looking to bring their classic Marshall tone into the modern digital age. Bottom line: Small portable digital amp with a HUGE sound! Watch the demo below for more details:

Marshall Code 25 Demo:

Semi Hollow Resonance With Next Level Styling

Used PRS SE Custom Semi Hollow Electric Guitar with PRS Gig Bag

This used PRS SE Custom Semi Hollow is a real standout for a number of reasons. Featuring an incredible beveled Maple top with a Flame Maple veneer and Mahogany back with a beautiful flamed black finish this semi-hollow PRS SE Custom is lightweight and extremely comfortable whether you are playing sitting down or standing up. Also, the PRS 85/15 pickups deliver a highly versatile tone with high output, plenty of gain and great brightness and clarity, making them perfect for just about any style of music. The 85/15 treble (bridge) and bass (neck) pickups deliver world class tone that is dynamic, balanced and extremely clear. Bright without being brittle, the PRS Custom 22 Semi Hollow’s pickups deliver plenty of gain without ever being muddy. No matter what style of music you play, this gently used PRS SE Custom semi hollow has the tonal versatility and power to be a good choice for guitarists of any experience level and an excellent addition to any professional musician's arsenal.

PRS Custom SE Semi Hollow Video Demo:

Badass Boutique Guitars!

Speaking of PRS, we just got in this incredible Knaggs Severn T2 Wicked Burst, a boutique guitar from the former Head of R&D at PRS, Joe Knaggs, who branched out and founded his own guitar company!

Used Knaggs Severn T2 Wicked Burst HSS Electric Guitar with Case

With the Serven T2 Wicked Burst, Joe Knaggs took his creativity to the next level, creating a guitar with superior build quality, the best tone woods and an incredible natural resonance due to its set neck design. Each Knaggs Severn is built by hand, one at a time, with painstaking attention to detail and a sense of craftsmanship that is second to none. The Knaggs Severn T2 Wicked Burst combines a Curly Maple top with a Swamp Ash or Alder back with a thin Rock Maple neck and a Rosewood fingerboard, to deliver incredible tone and buttery smooth playability. With top of the line Seymour Duncan pickups and a series of coil tap capabilities, the Knaggs Severn T2 is as tonally versatile as it is beautiful. Knaggs guitars deliver a premium dose of vintage tone with the ability to handle modern levels of gain that you wouldn't believe! Add to that set neck construction and you get sustain and killer tone that is right at home in any musical situation. Knaggs has found the perfect balance between vintage tone and modern design, and is sure impress the most discerning players. You have to come in and play this guitar to believe it!

Knaggs Severn T2 Video Demo:

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