We Buy Used Guitars and Basses

Adirondack Guitar was created to support left-handed guitar and bass players.  We buy and sell the best instruments and gear from world-renowned manufacturers such as Crafter, Martin, Schecter, Rainsong, Reverend, G&L.  We've recently heard from our customers though that along with great new guitars and basses, they would love to have Used and Second-Hand options.  To support that request, we buy and sell used guitars, basses and other gear from all manufacturers.

Our process for online trade-ins is straightforward:

  1. Give us a call at (518)746-9500 or shoot us a note on our contact page with the model, condition and any details you may have
  2. We will work with you to figure out numbers that make sense
  3. You send us pictures to show the condition of the guitar or gear
  4. You send in your gear to our store in Hudson Falls, NY
  5. We receive and inspect everything to make sure it's in the agreed upon condition
  6. We send you a payment

We are able to either purchase your gear outright or we often have in-store deals for additional value towards trade-ins.  If you're looking to trade up or just get a taste of something new, you won't find a better deal anywhere than with us.

For those looking for support in selling, but are not interested in doing the selling of their gear, please inquire about our consignment options for a quote.