About Us

     Adirondack Guitar was established in 2000 by Dennis Monahan as a first-of-its-kind online store meant to help southpaw guitarists and bassists find the gear they needed to thrive as musicians. To this day, we gladly serve all musicians, righty or lefty, and always do our best to make sure we have instruments that left-handed players may have had trouble finding anywhere else. Most of all, Adirondack Guitar is run by musicians for musicians and everyone who loves guitars and making music.

     Dennis worked around music and guitars his entire life, starting in the original Danelectro factory in Neptune, NJ as a teenager and later as a guitarist and bassist touring along the Jersey Shore music scene of the 1960‘s with legendary acts like Steven Van Zandt, Southside Johnny and Chuck Berry. Throughout his career, he ran into southpaw guitarists who had trouble finding quality left-handed instruments. Years later, when he settled down into his retirement years, Dennis remembered all of those southpaws who had such trouble finding good deals on lefty guitars and decided to build a store that would offer them the gear and top flight service they needed.  

     Tired of the impersonal treatment that so many box-store-retailers pass off as customer service in the dot-com age, Dennis established an independent online store that was run by humans for humans. When you call us, you will speak to a real human being, often the current store owner, John and not a switchboard operator or canned receptionist. When you email us, we will respond as quickly as we can, probably with misspelled words and bad grammar, but always with the sincere desire to help.

     Whether you have had satisfactory or sketchy experiences buying online in the past, you can rest assured that when you buy with us you will get the human and personal service that you deserve. Our primary motivation is to MAKE YOU HAPPY! 

     Our current owner, John Davis, started working on the sales floor as a clerk in 2008. He carries Dennis’ original vision forward, still looking to deliver instruments of exceptional quality to righty and southpaw musicians at competitive prices. Every instrument is carefully inspected before they are shipped, unlike big-dot-com stores where instruments are boxed up and sent down conveyor belts, taped up and scanned and thrown onto a truck. We personally hand each carefully packaged instrument or piece of gear to the mail carrier and watch it go out to you. 

     Occasionally, items are damaged in shipping or what arrives may not be exactly what you expected. If that happens, call us. We promise, you'll get a human who will bend over backwards to make it right. If you have ever tried to get a problem addressed with a big box store, you know exactly how priceless our promise is. 

     Everyone who works here plays and loves music and knows and remembers what it was like starting out as musicians, as well as what we needed as we developed into the musicians that we currently are. Our main desire is to help you find the right instruments and gear to help you grow into the musician you have always wanted to be and to do so in a way that best suits your budget. Thank you for visiting our store!