Supro 1696RT Black Magick Reverb Combo


Supro 1696RT Black Magick Reverb Combo is an exciting new amp that we are elated to be stocking here at the shop. Inspired by Jimmy Page's Valco-made Supro amps and in collaboration with guitar giant Lenny Kravitz, the Black Magick Reverb is an impressive little amp. What makes this amp so special and different from the regular Supro Black Magick is the addition of all-tube reverb, a 2 band EQ and a master volume knob. The master volume knob allows the user to dial in their preference of gain staging and the all-tube reverb ads a lush and musical color to this vintage style reverb. The tremelo is excellent and full. Coming in at 25 watts and weighing in at a little under 40 pounds, this is the perfect amp for anyone in need of rock and blues tones in a consise size. 

Type: amp

Vendor: Supro

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