RightOn! Mojo Collection Vegan Leather Guitar Strap- Reverb 072 Silver

Vegan Leather Strap Inspired by a Vintage ‘Reverb’ Amp Aesthetic

RightOn! Mojo Amp guitar straps represent a new and innovative approach to strap design. Free of all animal products, Mojo Amp guitar straps are handmade straps made from amazing fabrics and select synthetics in designs inspired by classic guitar amps. The Reverb 072 Silver guitar strap was designed in the tradition of the famous ‘Classic Reverb’ guitar amp whose looks and sound are full of mojo!

Mojo collection straps are 6 cm ( 2.3 inches) wide and adjustable in length from 95-145cm (37.4 inches to 57.08 inches). Outfitted with an exclusive adjustment system, the RightOn RAS system is a unique adjustment system, allowing you to adjust the strap in an easy, stylish and practical way.

Pick pockets are also integrated into the ends of the strap, making the Mojo Reverb 072 Silver as practical as it is durable. Made with a microfiber lining and high-density latex padding, the Mojo Reverb strap will not slip off your shoulder or get stuck on your clothing, making gigs and recording sessions so much better!

Specs and Features:

  • Width: 2,3" (6 cm)
  • Adjustable Length: 35.43" (90 cm) - 57.08" (145 cm)
  • Material: No leather
  • Color: Black

Innovative ‘Vegan Leather’ Strap With Vintage Amp Aesthetic With a Rock n Roll Spirit!

All RightOn! Mojo collection Vegan straps are hand made in Spain in the traditional way, taking care of every detail with the result being unique products designed for comfort, functionality and durability. Featuring incredible fabrics and amazing synthetics, RightOn’s vegan leather Mojo straps express the vintage rock n’ roll spirit by paying homage to classic amps by echoing their aesthetic. The RightOn! Mojo pays homage to vintage ‘Reverb’ amps by echoing in classic aesthetic in a comfortable and durable handmade guitar or bass strap. Handmade in Spain to last a lifetime, these RightOn! Mojo Straps are sure to amaze you!