GoldTone Left Handed EBM-5 Electric Banjo


The left handed Gold Tone EBM-5 is a unique F-style 5-string electric banjo that  has a quick response allowing hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides to easily be mastered.   This has a nice tone unplugged because of the hollow sound chamber within the body. The left handed EBM-5 features a dual pickup design with a hidden humbucking pickup under head and a single coil pickup at neck position. There is a 3-way selector knob that allows the player to switch between the neck pickup only (position up), both the neck and bridge pickup simultaneously (center position), and the bridge pickup only (position down). The three knobs consist of a volume knob for each pickup (2) and a master tone knob (1). Blending between the two pickups utilizing both volume knobs is possible when the 3-way pickup selector is in the center position and both pickups are activated. Includes a hard shell case.

Vendor: GoldTone