Pre Order Inventory - By Price: Highest to Lowest

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While talking with our manufacturers, we often find incredible guitars and basses which have not come out in the marketplace yet.  This gives us a great opportunity to commit to buying this gear way before it is actually built.  For our customers, we are able to allow you to pre-order these items to reserve inventory before it comes out.

To pre-order guitars and basses, we require a deposit depending on the end price of the gear.  This allows us to take the item off the market so we don't break any hearts and it allows you to have a guarantee that the instrument will be coming to you when it's built.

Custom orders are also available.  Whether you want a completely custom left-handed guitar or if you want certain features swapped or added on, we can do that.  Different struts, bridge, pickups?  Usually, with our manufacturers, this is no problem.  Maybe you just a guitar that's impossible to find?  We can work with any of our brands to do a custom build guitar for you.

For custom order guitars and basses, please call our store and talk with our team to figure out your requirements and then we will start the process.  See our store hours at the bottom of the page for the best time to call or you can always shoot us an email on our contact page and we'll get back to you.