New Exclusive Lefty Rainsong Guitars

May 18, 2018 5 min read

Exclusive Left Handed Rainsong guitars

Looking for the best left-handed guitars and basses?  So are we.  To continue to broaden our lefty selection, we have partnered with Rainsong Guitars to bring you an exclusive run of Left handed Rainsong Dreadnought and Jumbo acoustic electric models.

What Makes Rainsong Acoustics Special?

Rainsong acoustics are some of the most beautiful and durable acoustics available on the market. The use of Graphite/Carbon in place of the traditional woods used in most acoustic guitars creates a stable instrument that is perfect for travel and immune to the elements and humidity issues that most high end acoustic guitars endure.  Warping – nope.  Cracking – uh uh.  Bellying – nata.  Dryout out – not on a Rainsong graphite guitar. 

Rainsong uses the same technology as planes and satellite equipment when bonding its bridges and necks, so rest assured it is structural sound and will not be warping or bowing. Rainsong also uses Performance Shape Casting (which was invented by Rainsong) for their necks which results in no dead spots and flawless intonation at any spot on the neck. This also allows for low-low action with no buzz.  In recent years Rainsong has also added a truss rod in the neck to fine tune the action of the neck for the player.  This is a great addition and change that Rainsong made since for many years Rainsong guitars did not have any truss rods since the materials used in construction are so resistance to moisture, humidity and the elements.

Over the years Rainsongs have been used for everything from fingerpicking to slide guitar.  Understanding that different styles require a slightly different action, adding the N2 neck design and truss rod allows custom adjustments to be made on the fly.  This keeps your Rainsong comfortable and versatile to your needs. With all of the time and effort put into the construction you would think the electronics may be overlooked but you would be mistaken. Rainsong knows the importance of making their guitars stage ready and having electronics that function properly is an important detail. Graphite is a natural enhancer of electrical energy and it shows once you plug it in and amplify these great sounding Graphite acoustics.

Our New Left-Handed Rainsong Guitars

Rainsong guitars makes 5 distinct body shapes for right handed graphite guitars, but unfortunately only 2 of the 5 can be made left handed – we’re incredibly happy that it’s not 0 of 5 though. The DR body and the JM body have been built in a non-cutaway body style with electronics.

Rainsong DR Dreadnought Guitars

The DR model is Rainsong’s take on the tradition of Dreadnought body style and they have really outdone themselves. The Rainsong DR body delivers both great low-end tone and great clarity making it fantastic for lead and rhythm playing alike. The distinct tone that Rainsong models deliver is clean enough to cut through any mix and keep up with the loudest of instruments in any jam setting. Combine that with the durability of the Carbon Fiber construction and you have a guitar that is built to be played, not just hung on a wall and looked at.

Rainsong JM Guitars

The JM Body style can be defined in a word: “LOUD”.  It features Projection Tuned Layering which makes it one of the loudest Jumbos in the market. The JM models feature a narrow waist despite its large body making it a bit easier to play than some other Jumbo body guitars out there. Although it’s large and loud, it still keeps the balance and clarity that Rainsong is known for.  The clear, distinct tone will definitely cut through any mix you can throw at it without losing its definition.

Check out the JM1000N2 here!


Our Models


Left Handed Hybrid DR1100N2

The Hybrid Series Left handed DR1100N2 model will be available in not only the traditional carbon fiber/black finish but also in a sunburst finish, which makes it a unique looking carbon fiber guitar. The Hybrid series uses a blend of Carbon/Glass fibers which make the hybrid series a bit more budget friendly and also adds a bit of a mellow touch to the crystal clear carbon tone. It’s a great unison of the 2 tones, and it delivers the same rigid, durable construction Rainsong has always been known for. The hybrid models also sport white dot inlays and a white rosette, giving them a clean look and a great feel.

Rainsong DR1000 hybrid acoustic electric
Rainsong DR1000 Dreadnought Classic

Rainsong Left Handed Classic DR1000 Dreadnought Acoustic Electric Guitar

We also have a few Rainsong Left handed Classic series DR1000 Dreadnought acoustic electrics coming in. The Standard series is the what started it all for Rainsong and the Classic series was the first all-graphite acoustic in the world. This Classic series delivers a crisp, clean tone with great low end and bell like highs. The Classic series also sports Abalone shark inlays and an Abalone rosette, which adds a great look to the beautiful Rainsong finish.  We have both the standard black/carbon fiber finish and a sunburst finish in the left handed Rainsong Classic series.

Also in classic black:  Rainsong Classic DR1000 in Black

Lefty Rainsong Concert Series DR1000N2

Expanding our line, we’ve also decided to bring the Rainsong Concert series to our left-handed guitar line. The left-handed Concert Series DR1000N2 model features a unidirectional carbon top, which looks and sounds different than the other Rainsong models.  The DR1000N2 delivers a warmer tone due to the tight grain like pattern of the unidirectional carbon. The Concert series top is also the lightest soundboard Rainsong produces, which makes this model a bit lighter than some of the other series as well. If you’re looking for a sound closer to Spruce, the Concert series delivers just what you need.

Lefty Rainsong Concert Series
Rainsong Black Ice

Rainsong Black Ice Series

Last but not least is the Black Ice series.  Rainsong guitars are unique by nature, but the Black Ice series delivers an even more unique, one of a kind piece of playable art that is meticulously crafted one at a time.  We love the Black Ice line because it’s not just the design that turns head, but also the amazing tone. The patchwork look adds a beautiful look to the already stunning Graphite body and its sure to make a statement, especially once it is strummed. The left handed DR1000N2 Black Ice model is sure to deliver a fantastic tonal experience and be one of your favorite guitars – whether adding to your collection or your everyday guitar.

We are thrilled to bring you an exclusive run of 13 different left handed Rainsong Dreadnought and Jumbo acoustic electric models. In order to really appreciate the difference in tone and playability of a Rainsong stop in to the shop and give one a test drive. You won’t be disappointed.

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