Rainsong Left Handed DR1000N2T Acoustic Electric Dreadnought Guitar-Tobacco Burst


In stock new, very limited quantities available left handed. Beautiful Tobacco burst finish.

The Left Handed Tobacco burst Rainsong DR1000N2 Dreadnought is the traditional workhorse of acoustic guitar music. The lefty Rainsong DR1000N2 sports a large, deep body and wide waist, giving this great lh Rainsong the powerful bass and ringing treble of a great rhythmic guitar, without loosing the  clear distinction among individual notes making this perfect for anything from rhythm to lead. The left handed DR is loud enough to compete with any acoustic setting, and it cuts through the mix well. The N2 neck is a result of an extensive, long-term collaboration with the renowned artist Steve Miller and Master Luthier John Bolin. The neck design is based on a modified "U" profile that has been popular in guitars since the 1950s. While the N2 has a substantial feel that is ergonomically sound and actually results in better transfer of string vibration energy to the soundboard. The N2 features a truss rod that is accessible from the head stock. Graphite does not warp or bow with changes in humidity and temperature. The purpose of a truss rod in the N2 is to allow customization of the relief to suit individual preferences. Includes a hard shell case.

Type: Acoustic Guitar

Vendor: RainSong

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