Rainsong Left Handed JM1000N2 6-string Jumbo Acoustic Electric Guitar


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Durable All-Graphite Jumbo Acoustic With Unrivaled Acoustic Output

Three words suffice to describe the RainSong JM1000N2: Loud, Loud, Loud!

The largest of RainSong’s acoustic electric guitars, the JM1000N2 Jumbo Acoustic Electric is among the loudest acoustic guitars in the world. The sheer size of the all-graphite body, combined  with the industry leading carbon fiber soundboard made using RainSong’s Projection Tuned Layering™ technique, gives the RainSong JM1000N2 its legendary projecting power. Beyond merely being loud, the RainSong JM1000N2 features a surprisingly balanced tone that is never muddy in the bass and impressively crisp and clear in the treble register.

The 21-fret N2 neck is the result of a collaboration between legendary guitarist Steve Miller and renown luthier John Bolin and is the same neck they developed for the legendary Dreadnought model. Made using a combination carbon fiber/graphite and composite materials fabricated in a single piece, the N2 neck features the popular U-profile that has been an industry fravorite since the 1950‘s. Though it comes with an adjustable truss rod, the carbon fiber neck is guaranteed to never warp or bow due to environmental factors, giving the neck low action and perfect intonation without any fret buzz.

Fishman Prefix+T / LR Baggs Stagepro Element electronics allow you to shape your tone to fit the music rather than being hampered by the tonal limitations of your instrument. With the RainSong JM1000N2 there are no limits!



  • All-graphite Jumbo Body with carbon fiber soundboard crafted using RainSong's Projection Tuned Layering™ technique.
  • Carbon Fiber Jumbo Body with no Body braces. Abalone rosette.
  • All-graphite N2 neck and composite fingerboard fabricated using RainSong's Performance Shape Casting™ as a single piece.
  • Adjustable truss rod.
  • UV protective, high-gloss finish, clear urethane.
  • Chrome plated Gotoh Tuners with 1:18 gear ratio
  • Fishman Prefix+T / LR Baggs Stagepro Element


Jumbo Acoustic With Real Fingerstyle Grace

The RainSong Jumbo JM1000N2 is not merely about volume and power. The narrow waist and refined soundboard make this jumbo acoustic ideal for fingerstyle players looking for a guitar that will project to the back of any room. As large as it is, the carbon fiber body and composite neck make this Jumbo acoustic easy to carry and impervious to environmental conditions like heat, cold, or humidity. At $2,349 the JM1000N2 will sound and play like new for decades to come.

Vendor: RainSong