Making it Even Easier to Buy That Dream Guitar: Adirondack Guitar Announces a Partnership With Klarna

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Klarna Finance your Guitar

At Adirondack Guitar we are committed to providing our customers with the best online guitar buying experience that we can deliver. This is why we are partnering with Klarna to provide our customers with financing that allows them to ‘slice’ or spread out their purchases over time with low or 0% APR financing offers.

What is Klarna?

Klarna is a growing Swedish company that provides payment solutions for 60 million customers across 100,000 merchants in 14 countries, providing online financial services such as payment solutions for online storefronts, direct payments, post purchase payments and more. About 40% of all online transactions in Sweden go through Klarna. In 2017, the company handled about $21 billion in e-commerce sales. (Source: Wikipedia)

For our purposes, Klarna gives us a way to make it easier and safer for our customers to buy the guitars and gear they have always wanted. Klarna provides credit to our customers allowing them to break up or ‘slice’ the price of the guitar, bass or gear they are purchasing into manageable payments. The approval process is ridiculously fast and you can use the credit right away. We think you’ll find using Klarna to be really easy.

How Do Use Klarna?

Klarna is super easy to use. Above most entries on the Adirondack Guitar website, you will see the Klarna option in a little box above the product description. Click it to read more about the payment options available for that item.

Klarna Product Detail page

The payment option displayed will likely be the 0% APR repayment option. For instance, when one of our first Klarna customers purchased the D’Angelico Grateful Dead Bedford using Klarna, the 0% APR payment option was $86 per month.  This $86/month, if paid off in 12 months would be at 0% interest.

This customer was also informed they could pay a minimal amount of $25/month, however they would be charged interest on this.  This interest rate is based on credit score and some other factors and gets calculated and communicated quickly during checkout.

From there, once you have gotten your approval and set up your account (the entire process takes about 30 seconds) you simply choose Klarna at checkout as your payment option and the transaction will be completed in seconds. Couldn’t be easier!

Klarna checkout process

Klarna also could not be safer. Unlike using credit cards online, there is a very small amount of personal information shared during the transaction, and there is no credit card number for hackers to steal! You can shop with Klarna knowing that your identity and personal accounts are completely secure!


The Bottom Line

Klarna changes the game for all working musicians who think they have to settle on using inferior gear due to their budget. Klarna allows you to slice up the price of your dream guitar into manageable chunks and pay for it over time. Klarna’s repayment options are flexible, going to as little as $25 a month (with interest) on many items, and the recommended repayment terms will allow you to pay for the item without incurring any interest charges!

Fast, safe, easy, with reasonable repayment terms! Next time you’re dreaming about buying that John Petrucci Majesty or placing that G&L Custom Build order, take a second to click the Klarna box and see just how affordable your dream guitar can be!

Note:  offering deferred interest financing allows people to take advantage of payments over time, but please use this responsibly.  If you do not pay off the purchase within the 0% terms, the interest accrues at credit card rates.  Buying your dream Teye for $3850 over 3 years at 0% is a great way to buy a life long investment at $100/month, however deferred interest can be substantial if you slip on paying off the full balance.  

Our deferred interest rates:

Duration Minimum Purchase APR*
6 Months $299 0%
12 Months $799 0%
24 Months $1499 0%
36 Months $2999 0%

See more on our Klarna financing page here.

Adirondack Guitar
Adirondack Guitar


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