What's New at Adirondack Guitar - October 17, 2017

October 20, 2017 2 min read

10-17-2017 Adirondack Guitar Whats New

Coming in this week is a nice diversity of effects, amplifiers and an incredible Ibanez guitar.

Ortega Horse Kick

Ortega Horse Kick Effects Pedal These nifty little pieces are truly in a league of their own. The Horse Kick digitally samples the tone that of Cajon although the pro model offers a bevy of alternative samples; tambourine, cabasa, cowbell, and kick drum. By taping your foot on the ergonomic solid ash housing, a velocity sensitive expressive sample plays through your guitar chain. Seamless volume control, 9-volt battery, non-slip bottom coating are just the icing on the cake of this unique and fun effect. It's also available in the passive "Annalog" model too. 

Ortega Horse Kick Effect Pedal



Vox VX50

Vox VX50 Bass AmplifierAnother exciting brand new product from our friends at Vox Amps. The VX50 is a cutting-edge lightweight hybrid bass amplifier with plenty of features to boot. Let's start with its revolutionary Nutube preamp system. This little guy has a little tube that's essentially a shrunken triode vacuum tube; or a 12AX7. Paired with a specialty voiced class D power amp, this Nutube circuit can deliver real tube tone without the upkeep and maintenance of classic vacuum tube amplifiers. When you throw in a 4 band EQ, onboard compression, distortion, and the balanced line out into the mix; this 9 LB wonder is truly in a class of its own. AND at $229 how could it get much better?


Used 1979 Paul Stanley Ibanez PS-10 Iceman

1979 Paul Stanley Ibanez PS-10 Iceman Guitar

A must-have for any KISS super fan! This guitar is where the legendary "Iceman" came to life. Originally known as the "Artist 2663", Paul Stanley teamed up with Ibanez in 1977 to design a guitar that could have the flair and style demanded by the aesthetic of KISS as well as have the high-end playability and tone. Simple chemistry; Mahogany body, maple top, maple neck with rosewood fretboard, pearl abalone, chrome hardware, and two V2 open coil humbuckers. Stanley can be seen with it on the inside cover of the multi-platinum selling KISS ALIVE II. Many reissues have been made, but none of them retained the quality build of the original Japanese series. System Of a Down guitarist, Daron Malakian, favored a PS-10 in the studio and live for in the early part of the band's career.

Used 1979 Paul Stanley Ibanez PS-10 Iceman Guitar


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