Teye Guitars and Adirondack Guitar Partner Up!!!

Teye Guitars and Adirondack Guitar Partner Up!!!

We are incredibly excited to announce that we've worked out a deal with great folks at Teye Guitar to become their exclusive left-handed guitar dealer moving forward.  We will be receiving our first Teye Guitars in the next week or so and expect these to immediately provide a great offering in our already wide lefty guitar inventory.

Finding Teye Guitars

The NAMM show is a fun thing to be part of - walking through endless rows of guitars, basses, banjos, drums... you name it.  While catching up with our current vendors is one of the most enjoyable things at NAMM, finding some new partners is equally as great.  While walking down an aisle of hundreds of products, we couldn't help but notice a booth of some of the most beautiful guitars we've ever seen.  We walked over to chat and had a great conversation with Teye, Evert and Kelli from Teye Guitars.  After a couple of hours of talking we both decided that we wanted to partner up to get some of these incredible instruments to the right homes.

About Teye Guitars

For the last 10 years or so, Teye Guitars has been creating some of the best looking and best sounding guitars you can find.  Made locally in Nashville, TN, these guitars are unique in look and in quality.  You can find the full back story over at their site, but what we enjoyed was hearing about the origins.  Teye is a legendary Flamenco Guitarist who had been building and altering guitars since he was a child.  Over the years Teye created a 'List of Bitchings' he had about different guitars, noting out issues from playability to less useful electronics features.  When he started to feel that he may want to find an alternative to touring, he decided to build a guitar that would resolve these issues - and oh boy did he.  Now, the company produces a number of these masterpieces every year and we're lucky enough to find that we can start getting you their lefty stock.

Why Teye Guitars and Adirondack Guitar

One of my favorite quotes from Teye was, "one of our biggest challenges is that these look so good, people think that they couldn't also sound great."  The quote was great because it was in the middle of Teye's demo to us where our jaws hung dropped the entire time - the sound quality on these guitars is astounding.  The electronics in the guitar are amazing; using the 5-way switch, mojo and other controls, you can create sounds that make these instruments sound like anything from a beautiful acoustic guitar all the way to a shred-ready rock guitar.  All this with one of the most unique looking guitars you'll be able to find on the market.  

As one of the largest left-hand guitar retailers in the country, we are always on the lookout for great partners who share our passion for music and ambition to not just sell guitars, but help people make experiences.  It was crystal clear from the first few minutes of chatting with the folks at Teye that they weren't in this for the money but because they absolutely love music and building unique masterpieces.  Aside from liking the company, looking at the reviews for their guitars we knew they would be a perfect match for us.  See some of the reviews here:

What's Next for Adirondack Guitar and Teye Guitars?

So the NAMM show is over and we've shaken some hands - what's next?  We expect to be getting in 4 Teye left-handed Guitars (Coyote, Fox and the Cleopatra) in the next couple weeks.  After that, we will be working with their team to determine what makes the most sense for the market.  We'll also be open to helping folks request any custom offerings that you may want, all the way up to the Teye Master Guitars if you're interested.  Stay tuned for some more images when we get the guitars in stock, but needless to say these are going to give you an even better reason to stop by and check out the shop!!!  When we finished chatting with the folks at Teye, we shook hands and they said, "Welcome to the Family."   We couldn't be more happy to be part of that family and hopefully bring a few of our friends along with us.

Take a look at some of these beautiful left-handed guitars:

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