What’s New at Adirondack Guitar: New Year January 2019

January 04, 2019 5 min read

What’s New at Adirondack Guitar: New Year January 2019

Oh, remember this beauty? It’s the Ball Family Reserve CUTLASS HSS in an incredible SMOKED CHROME finish and it came in today! This limited edition BFR Cutlass HSS features several welcome refinements including updated vintage spec electronics, a super smooth Music Man® Modern tremolo system, lightweight alder body, a white neck binding and figured maple headstock. Schaller locking tuners provide superior tuning stability and flawless craftsmanship makes this limited edition Cutlass HSS the perfect culmination of the Ball Family’s old world aesthetics combined with modern design and playability.

Only 56 were made in the entire world, and this is number 25. Though this particular one sold the moment it came in, if you want to get your hands on one of these incredible Ball Family Reserve guitars, keep your eye on this space for regular updates!


Happier, Fitter and More Productive in 2019!

It’s January again, that time of year where we re-evaluate everything in our lives and conclude that it's all terrible and should be changed. If you’re like me, you have probably committed to eating a green salad every day, taking your blood pressure and cholesterol medicine regularly, paying more attention to your kids and your wife, and taking the stairs and walking instead of refusing to go places that have more than one floor or don't have a drive thru.

I know, it is rare to actually keep these New Year's resolutions, but there is one thing that you can commit to without feeling like taking all of the Prozac and Valium in the house -- that is playing a better guitar! Buying new gear and playing it regularly is really the only thing you can do to feel fitter, happier, and more productive in 2019, and luckily, here at Adirondack Guitar we have enough excellent new and used electric and acoustic guitars, basses, banjos, mandolins, amplifiers, effects pedals and accessories to fuel your lust for incredible tone and easy playability for all of 2019, if not for a lifetime!

Start Your Journey of Self Transformation With Small Changes

Sometimes, just a small change can make a major difference, like the seemingly small changes Fender made to this 2017 Made in Mexico Telecaster with upgraded pickups. This beauty just came into the shop and is ready to make someone much happier and perhaps even fitter and more productive in the New Year!

Used Fender 2017 MIM Telecaster with Upgraded Pickups and Fender Gig Bag

This Ain’t Your Dad’s Tele!

If you’re wondering what makes this gently used  Fender 2017 MIM Telecaster different from its predecessors, it is the upgraded Fender custom Texas Special pickups which are built for blistering high output and increased presence and midrange. The staggered poles on the bridge pickup and the nickel/silver cover on the neck pickup, help to produce a clear, warm tone that is essential to the Texas music scene. This Tele is pure Fender, blending classic styling with contemporary sound and feel, perfect for modern country but also great for just about any style of music!

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Remember How Good Things Used to Be…

Another thing that happens in the New Year is that we remember how great things used to be. For instance, it didn’t always hurt to get out of bed. Remember? A great way to remember how things used to be is to play a classic guitar, like this vintage Ibanez Super Standard Les Paul copy from 1977!

Used Ibanez 1977 Super Standard Electric Guitar with Case

This incredible vintage Les Paul copy is from a time when Ibanez was still proving itself as a guitar manufacturer. With a chip on their shoulder and something to prove, Ibanez made their name by beating the big boys like Gibson and Fender at their own game. This vintage 1977 Ibanez Super Standard is a perfect example from that time. Despite having some minor cosmetic wear, this Ibanez is equipped with upgraded pickups, giving it classic looks and feel with a highly modern sound. The thin maple neck with ebony fingerboard is fast and easy to play, and the combination of upgraded pickups and superior tonewoods gives this classic Ibanez sustain for days!

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Remember Good Things Come out of Hard Times

It is also important to remember the good things that have come out of the hard times in life. For instance, the Great Depression was a terrible time in our history, but one of the great things that came out of it was the classic scaled down 1930‘s era flat tops played by legends like Robert Johnson. Hearkening back to those times, we just got a new Left Handed Martin (it is also available in a right handed version) that looks like a classic 1930's flat top, with modern refinements that make it unmistakably Martin.

Left Handed Martin 00L17E Whiskey Sunset

The Left Handed Martin 00L-17E is a sloped shoulder flat top acoustic featuring a beautiful, antique-inspired whiskey sunset burst finish on a top made from solid Sitka Spruce. The aesthetics of the 00L-17 are inspired by classic Gibsons from the 1930‘s, but one strum on this new offering reveals the warmth and impressive mids that we have come to expect from Martin guitars.

Lightweight and extremely comfortable to play, the 00L-17E is a great guitar for strumming. Though it may lack the volume of the Dreadnought, the 00L-17E has great clarity, and just enough bass to make it excellent for recording and playing live. Many guitar manufacturers are coming out with slope-shouldered guitars inspired by classic models from the 1930‘s, but few have captured the essence of that aesthetic while also maintaining their own distinctive sound the way Martin has with the 17 series.

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Metalheads Rejoice!

You want to get fit in the New Year? Try headbanging! You can start by playing the guitar designed by the reigning king of thrash metal rhythm guitar, James Hetfield of Metallica whose playing is the life blood of one of metal's most legendary bands!

Used ESP/LTD James Hetfield Snakebyte electric guitar- Gloss Black

We recently got a gently used James Hetfield Snakebyte guitar at the shop in an eye-catching glossy black finish, featuring a modified Explorer style Mahogany body and three-piece mahogany neck with 22-fret ebony fingerboard and a custom designed snake inlay at the 12th fret. The neck-thru construction gives this guitar exceptional sustain, and the custom active James Hetfield EMG pickups give it a killer metal tone with tons of gain!

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Remember, all of our used instruments are unique and will not come in again, so if you want one you need to act fast. If you want to learn more about any of the guitars listed above, give us a call at 1-518-746-9500 or drop by at our Hudson Falls location during normal business hours (M-F 10am-5pm, Sa 10am-3pm, Sun closed). You can also contact us through our website ADKGuitar.com any time of day or night and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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