New Lefties Now Available From ESP/LTD!

New Lefties Now Available From ESP/LTD!


This past Spring you may remember an article introducing new 2019 left handed axes from ESP/LTD guitars and we are happy to announce that they are now available and ready to ship!

In 2019 ESP/LTD is offering several new styles including a line of semi-hollow guitars with passive electronics and several models featuring a new Floyd Rose tremolo system mounted with stainless steel screws for increased stability. While there are still many models with active electronics, and a Les Paul style EC-1000 with innovative Fishman active electronics, ESP/LTD is also offering an array of models featuring passive Seymour Duncan pickups with coil tapping for increased sonic versatility. No matter what style of music you play, you are sure to find a new lefty ESP/LTD guitar that will help you sound your best!

ESP/LTD Left Handed Viper-256 Double Cutaway Electric Guitar 

The left handed ESP/LTD Viper 256 features a hard-rocking off-set double-cut Mahogany body  with ESP Designed LH-150 humbuckers that pack an impressive tonal punch! With a strong and stable 3-piece Mahogany neck and a Roasted Jatoba fingerboard with a 13.78" radius, you’ll have nothing standing between you and the music you’ve always dreamed of creating!

ESP/LTD Left handed LARROW1000 

The left handed ESP/LTD Arrow-1000 Deluxe Series V-style guitar checks all of the boxes for players looking for a guitar with killer looks and aggressive tone. With the Arrow-1000‘s unique V styling and its impressive Volet Andromeda finish, you are sure to turn a lot of heads at your next gig before you even play your first note!

The lefty ESP/LTD Arrow-1000 features a unique V-shaped Mahogany body with a 3-piece Maple neck and a 24-fret Macassar Ebony fingerboard. With a thin-U neck contour and a 13.75“ fretboard radius, your fingers will fly all over the fretboard!

The key to the aggressive tone of this amazing lefty Arrow-1000 is its active electronics. Featuring an EMG 85 humbucker in the neck position, and an EMG 81 in the bridge position, with a master volume and 3-way toggle switch, you will always be able to grab the aggressive, high gain sounds you need for hard rock, metal, djent and fusion playing.

ESP/LTD Left HandedKH-202 andKH-602 Kirk Hammett Signature Series Guitars  

With the lefty KH-202, Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett and his team at ESP/LTD Guitars deliver an affordable shred machine that is perfect for intermediate players looking to spread their wings and soar!

Nothing will stand between you and your music when you play on this gorgeous satin finish Maple neck with 24-fret Roasted Jatoba fingerboard, and the ESP Designed extreme gain humbuckers deliver the explosive tone you’d expect from a modern metal master’s signature guitar.

For an affordable guitar, this Kirk Hammett KH-202 signature model delivers some seriously high end appointments including a Floyd Rose locking tremolo system, skull and bones decorative inlays, specially designed ESP passive humbuckers and ESP’s iconic high-mass double-cutaway design, which gives the KH-202 its incredible sustain and bite.

The Kirk Hammett KH-602 is the premium version of the LTD Kirk Hammett Signature Series, delivering the same signature styling with a number of premium appointments including set neck construction, killer EMG-81 and EMG-60 active humbuckers, a Floyd Rose 1000 locking tremolo system.

ESP/LTD XPS1000FMVSLH PS-1000 Semi Hollow Electric Guitar  

The LTD XPS-1000 is an ultra-modern tone machine designed to feel at home in a wide range of musical settings. The XPS-1000 is one of the first members of the ESP/LTD’s new collection of high performance semi-hollow instruments. Featuring a highly resonant, semi-hollow Mahogany body, a three-piece maple neck with a thin-U neck contour and a 24-fret Macasser Ebony fingerboard with a super comfortable 13.75“ fretboard radius, the lefty LTD XPS-1000 is designed equally for player comfort and a versatile sound.

The key to the XPS-1000‘s sonic versatility is its passive electronics. Featuring a pair of over-wound, passive Seymour Duncan Phat Cat pickups, the LTD XPS-1000 offers the midrange bite and attack of a P-90, with the gain of a humbucker, giving this innovative semi-hollow the ability to work in a variety of musical settings. Whether you are looking for high gain passive guitar for metal, or a sonorous tone machine for shoegaze, indie-rock or Alternative, the XPS-1000 has you covered, with the same high quality construction and silky playability you’ve come to expect from ESP/LTD 1000 series guitars. See this incredible semi-hollow in action here!

ESP/LTD Left Handed MH-1000HS Electric Guitar 

The left handed ESP/LTD MH-1000HS in a gorgeous Violet Shadow Fade finish will set your performance on fire with premium appointments, amazing aesthetics and a surprisingly versatile tone. This guitar's maple-topped mahogany body delivers warm tone, copious sustain, while its passive Seymour Duncan pickups deliver the sonic versatility and impressive bite that you’d expect from a high performance instrument.

The MH-1000HS’s versatile tone comes from its combination of tonewoods and passive Seymour Duncan pickups. With a humbucker Duncan Pegasus pickup in the bridge position, and a single coil Duncan Hot Rails pickup in the position, with push-pull coil tapping, you will have an amazing palette of tones available to you, making this lefty MH1000HS ideal for a wide range of musical styles.

Premium hardware appointments give this incredible left LTD MH-1000HS a luxurious feel, including a new Floyd Rose SE tremolo system which is ultra stable with stainless steel screws, a locking nut and precision Grover tuners.

ESP/LTD Left Handed EC-1000T Electric Guitar 

The new lefty EC-1000T delivers the same amazing build quality and high quality components that you’d expect from an ESP/LTD classic, with Fishman electronics that deliver unheard-of sonic versatility. The EC-1000T is the first ESP/LTD production guitar to offer a set of new Fishman Fluence® Open Core Classic Humbucker pickups.

Each Fishman Fluence Open Core humbucker offers three distinct voicings. On the neck pickup, Voice 1 offers the legendary vintage P.A.F. humbucker tone, Voice 2 is an airy chimey tone, and Voice 3 is a vintage single-coil tone. For the bridge pickup, Voice 1 is the P.A.F. humbucker tone, Voice 2 is the classic hot-rodded humbucker, and Voice 3 is an overwound single coil. The result is a single-cut guitar with astounding sonic versatility!


ESP/LTD Left handed LECBKMBLKSLH EC-Black Metal

The ESP/LTD left handed EC-Black Metal is part of the LTD Black Metal series of guitars designed with premium-quality pickups, set-neck construction and a dark and menacing design that is perfect for modern metal!

Though the lefty ESP/LTD EC-Black Metal sports the ominous design features that are sure to make it a favorite of Modern Metal players, you don’t have to play metal to appreciate its features! The LTD EC-Black Metal is all about power and its simple, straightforward design, featuring a single Seymour Duncan Blackened Black Winter humbucker in the bridge position and a rock solid Tonepros TOM bridge, is sure to be appreciated by an array of rock, punk, and metal players.

In terms of playability, this version of the Eclipse is also impressive, sporting a sleek 24-fret neck with a premium quality Macassar Ebony board and a Thin-U neck profile that is extremely comfortable to play. If you are looking for a sleek guitar with power and playability, this lefty EC-Black Metal will not disappoint!


ESP/LTD Left Handed H-1001FR Electric Guitar  

The ESP/LTD left handed H1001FR delivers the vaunted Horizon series design features in a  sonically versatile package that has a truly universal appeal. With a sleak, double cutaway Mahogany body, the first thing that jumps out at you is its gorgeous flamed Maple top and an incredible Violet Shadow Fade finish that will turn heads no matter where you play!

The H-1001FR’s versatile tone comes from its combination of tonewoods and passive Seymour Duncan pickups. With two Seymour Duncan humbucker pickups, including a Duncan Pegasus pickup in the bridge position, and a Duncan Sentient pickup in the neck position, with push-pull coil tapping, you will have an amazing palette of tones available to you, making this lefty H1001FR ideal for a wide range of musical styles.

These amazing left handed ESP/LTD guitars are available and ready to ship when you order! Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or click on through to our website and read more about these and other amazing ESP/LTD lefty guitars!

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