New Lefty Models From Schecter Available in 2020

April 10, 2020 6 min read

New Lefty Models From Schecter Available in 2020

The new lefty models from Schecter for 2020 deliver the crushing rhythm tone and scorching lead sounds that metal and progressive instrumental players are looking for with the effortless and silky smooth playability that Schecter is known for.

In 2020, Schecter has an array of new Lefty models to suit any taste and musical style, including an array of new lefty signature models, as well as the introduction of two new Schecter lines of lefty axes -- the Banshee GT and the Silver Mountain models.

Also, several of the Red Reign Apocalypse models that were introduced as right handed models in 2019 will be available in new left handed editions in 2020, for any southpaw looking for the perfect metal axe to wait out the apocalypse with!

As always, Schecter is delivering classic designs with premium appointments and next level craftsmanship, resulting in beautiful guitars that deliver an array of tones suited to all kinds of musical styles, from the progressive instrumental music of Nick Johnston and Miles Dmitri Baker, to the crushing metal tones of Keith Merrow. Wherever your tastes lie on that continuum, Schecter is sure to have a lefty model suited to your needs!

New Lefty Signature Models for 2020

New Schecter Nick Johnston Traditional and Traditional HSS

With the success of the Nick Johnston Signature guitars in 2019, Schecter has come out with a new Diamond Series Nick Johnson Traditional model. The new Nick Johnston Diamond Series model delivers the same classic styling and silky playability, and was designed to provide players with more tonal options. Featuring a Schecter Diamond ‘78 humbucker pickup in the bridge position, and push/pull pots for coil splitting, this new Nick Johnston Diamond Series guitar gives you all of traditional single coil sound options you’d ever want, with a heavier, beefier sound from that humbucker when you need it, making it a reasonably priced dream guitar for metal and progressive instrumental players.

Nick Johnston Signature HSS represent everything that Schecter is all about - new and innovative takes on classic designs that give players the most sonic options possible. Contact us for more information about when you can expect the Nick Johnston Signature HSS to hit stores, or preorder one by visiting any of the links above!

Nick Johnston Signature Demo

Miles Dimitri Baker is one of progressive metal’s most impressive lefties and his new lefty signature model delivers all of the killer tone and silky playability that you would expect from a Sun Valley Super Shredder model with premium appointments befitting a top flight performing artist.

Featuring a highly resonant Swamp Ash body with a carbon fiber reinforced 3-piece Maple neck with super comfortable thin-c neck profile perfect for shredding and highly technical progressive metal playing. This lefty Signature Super Shredder model gets its lively tone from a set of Seymour Duncan pickups, while a Floyd Rose 1500 locking tremolo system delivers all of sonic madness you can manage while maintaining stable tuning and intonation.

The lefty Miles Dimitri Baker signature model will likely be hitting stores this Spring or Summer, but you can preorder yours byvisiting our homepage here

Miles Dimitri Baker Demo

The new Keith Merrow signature guitar, the KM-6 Mk-III Hybrid LH Snowblind, is a gorgeous new addition to the Keith Merrow line of signature Schecter guitars. The Keith Merrow Hybrid guitars deliver the crushing tone and easy playability of the Schecter Artist model at a more affordable price point.

The KM-6 MK-III Hybrid comes in an eye-catching Snowblind white finish, with a Maple neck and fingerboard, the first in the Keith Merrow line to feature a Maple board. The KM-6 MKIII’s versatile tone comes from a set of Fishman Fluence Keith Merrow humbucker pickups, which deliver incredible levels of gain with a variety of voices, improving overall clarity and sonic versatility.

Premium hardware appointments such as a Hipshot hardtail bridge with an Ernie Ball compensated nut and Schecter locking tuners ensure that this lefty Keith Merrow signature model delivers rock solid intonation and tuning stability no matter how far you push your playing.

The new Snowblind Keith Merrow also comes in a 7-string version, for those lefties that like to chug in the lower frequencies:

New Banshee GT FR - Harder, Faster, Louder!

Schecter Banshee series guitars are built for speed and sonic performance, and the new Banshee GT FR is no different! With an ultra-thin, 3-piece maple neck with carbon fiber reinforcement rods, an ebony fingerboard and 24 jumbo frets, the Banshee GT-FR showcases effortless playability and with its ultra-lightweight Mahogany body is sure to reduce fatigue during long sets.

The lefty Banshee GT-FR is loaded with EMG 60 and EMG 81 active pickups that provide a versatile array of high octane tones that you can use for almost every genre. Schecter’s exclusive Floyd Rose Special Hot Rod locking tremolo system only adds to the expressiveness of this impressive axe, while the Floyd’s double locking design will ensure you stay in tune no matter how much you use your trem.

The End Times are Coming - Left Handed Apocalypse Models 

If you’re looking for a shred axe with a tone so crushing it will bring about the end of days, Schecter’s Apocalypse lefties have just what you’re looking for. Available in an incredible, dazzling Red Reign finish, the Apocalypse V-1 and Solo II models take classic designs to an entirely new level with a host of premium appointments that give these Apocalypse models a distinctively crushing tone and buttery playability. (Some stock images used.)

The Apocalypse models’ crushing tone comes from a set of Schecter USA Apocalypse VI humbucker pickups which deliver the perfect amount of gain for metal with amazing clarity, while the push-pull pots on the tone control allow you to enjoy startling sonic versatility.



New Schecter Lefty Apocalypse models are metal machines with the crushing tone and silky feel that is ideal for any heavy metal player looking for the perfect guitar with which to bring their apocalyptic visions into reality. Preorder yours today, or contact us for current build times and delivery dates!

Schecter NAMM 2020

Schecter Silver Mountain 

These new Schecter Silver Mountain lefty guitars are available in 6 string hardtail, 6 or 7 string versions with a Floyd Rose bridge and Sustainiac pickup as well as 7 or 8 string Multi-Scale versions for Djent players or anyone who wants to work with lower frequencies.

This new line of Korean made Schecter shred axes gets its name from its distressed metallic silver mountain finish, which is a striking look that you encounter across the entire Silver Mountain line!

Featuring a set neck design with a Mahogany body and Ebony fretboard, these Silver Mountain Schecters have tonal depth and silky playability and with Schecter USA made “Sonic Seducer” Pickups, they all deliver the screaming highs and deep, rumbling lows you need for a variety of metal styles, including progressive metal and Djent.

Schecter CEO at NAMM Winter 2020

2020 Schecter lefty models will be shipping to dealers in the coming months for Spring or Summer delivery. For now, you can visit our online store to preorder these by clicking on any of the links above, orcontact us directly for more information on expected delivery dates!

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