Foxgear Pedals: Sleek, Professional Quality Pedals at Affordable Prices

August 08, 2020 6 min read

Foxgear Pedals: Sleek, Professional Quality Pedals at Affordable Prices

Foxgear pedals is a joint venture created by two renown Italian brands, Gurus Pedals and Baroni LabsPedals, both subsidiaries of Schecter, and both known for creating high end boutique shop pedals and amps used by many of the music industry’s leading names including Steve Lukather, Doug Aldrich, Bon Jovi, Joe Walsh and many others.

With the introduction of Foxgear pedals, Gurus and Baroni Labs are joining forces to bring their professional quality tones to a wider audience by introducing them in a form that the average musician can afford. With the Foxgear Professional Compact Series you will find professional quality pedals at unusually low prices.


Foxgear was conceived in 2017 when leading engineer and amp designer Ugo Baroni of Baroni Labs and Chicco Bellini, manager of Gurus Pedals, began working out an idea of how to bring their sound concepts to a wider audience. The goal of reaching a wider consumer market would have been very difficult for each brand to achieve separately but with Mr. Baroni’s experience in engineering and product development, coupled with Bellini’s management experience and industry connections, Foxgear pedals was born and began bringing their high quality, sleek designs to musicians in 2019.

Ugo Baroni has over 25 years of experience building tube amps and finding innovative ways to employ modern technology to capture the most beloved vintage tones. Today he owns a production facility in China where he lives and works, constantly applying his quarter century of technological knowledge to capturing what he calls the ‘soul of vintage tones’ with the latest advances in digital technology. 

Chicco Bellini has developed industry connections in over 40 countries, a feat that has contributed greatly to the high reputation that Gurus Pedals has gained across the globe, earning him a number of awards and the esteem and praise of leading music industry critics. Being a musician himself, Bellini works closely with Baroni in the product development area, fine tuning the tones and features found in Foxgear Pedals, ensuring the highest quality standards.

Let’s Talk Features

According to a recent press release from Foxgear pedals, Bellini and Baroni sought to revolutionize the affordable micro pedal market in several key areas which include size, sound, look, quality and reliability. As they wrote in their press release:

“The Professional Compact Series offers mini pedals at affordable prices... People usually think that cheap micro pedals aren't reliable and sound bad. Our answer to these concerns is offering a 5-year warranty. These pedals (Foxgear Pedals) are used by big time artists likePink Floyd’s Guy Pratt,Doug Aldrich  andSteve Lukather.” With Foxgear’s Professional Compact series of pedals, you’ll find an array of vintage and modern tones in pedalboard-friendly designs that are as easy on your budget as they are on the eyes! 

Size:In today’s pedal-crazy rigs, being able to fit more pedals into a smaller space has become highly desirable. Foxgear Professional Compact series pedals measure on average 2.3” x 4.7” x 1.1”, and are designed to easily fit any pedalboard. Due to their top-mounted inputs, you can generally fit two or three Foxgear pedals in the space needed for one competitor’s boxy pedals with side mounted inputs. Using Foxgear pedals allows you to maximize the space on your pedalboard, giving you an increased number of options. 

Sound: Both Baroni Labs and Gurus Pedals are world renown for creating some of the best sounding boutique pedals on the market today. For Bellini and Baroni, tone is everything. It is very rare to find micro pedals in a professional guitarist’s arsenal, but that is changing since the release of Foxgear’s Professional Compact Series. Pedals like the EchoSex Baby, Ryder Distortion and the Knee Trembler Tremolo are used for live gigging and recording by music industry legends like Steve Lukather of Toto, Guy Pratt of Pink Floyd, and Doug Aldrich.

Look: Foxgear has gone to great lengths to ensure that your Foxgear pedals will look as good as they sound. The Foxgear Compact Series pedals are constructed with completely screw-free housings that are enhanced by the use of acrylic face plates that light up and glow warmly once the pedal is connected to power. No more guessing which pedal is getting power and which isn’t and then taking five minutes stepping on each pedal on your pedalboard to figure it out. 

Quality & Reliability: Designed in Italy and assembled in Korea, Foxgear builds their pedals with the highest quality non-SMD components in the audio path, and as they say in their press release, with “... analog design, and high-quality components like Wima capacitors, real Alpha 16mm pots, non-plastic trimmers, and a true bypass circuit that includes Panasonic golden pin relays.”  The use of high quality components is why Foxgear covers all of their pedals with a full 5-year warranty! How many micro pedal producers back their gear up with a 5 year warranty? How many companies would warranty something designed to be stepped on again and again for 5 years? That warranty is a testament to their quality and reliability.

A Rig You Can Carry in a Briefcase -- Read on and Watch these Demos to get an Earful of What Foxgear Pedals Can Do!

The dream of many modern players is to have a great-sounding rig that will fit in a briefcase. With Foxgear pedals this is a very real possibility. Watch this Demo from the guys at Andertons to get an idea of how you can build an incredibly portable and inexpensive rig with Foxgear pedals:

Andertons Foxgear Demo:

Featured Foxgear Pedals

Kolt 45 

The Kolt 45 is a powerful guitar amplifier with a clear, fat clean tone which comes in an incredibly portable stomp-box size platform. Modestly priced, the Kolt45 produces a real, 45W RMS into 4 Ohms dealing out responsive Treble, Middle, Bass tones with a 3 band EQ and volume control, all coming in a package that will fit into the palm of your hand. Just plug your guitar into the input, and your cab to output and you are sure to be amazed by its clear and fat, clean tone. 45 Watts delivers enough power for practicing, rehearsing and even small gigs.

Echo Sex Baby 

The Echosex Baby, is a miniature version of the original award-winning Gurus’ Echosex stomp box, producing enchanting echoes with a distinctive, ethereal, almost ‘primordial’ sound. Inspired by the vintage Binson Ecorec unit, the EchoSex Baby delivers the same haunting ambience at a fraction of the size. The Echosex Baby has all the same controls, features and lush tones of its larger and more expensive predecessor, without the tube and larger price tag. The Echosex Baby has already found a home in the pedalboards of stars like Steve Lukather of Toto, and Guy Pratt of Pink Floyd and David Gilmour. 

Echo Sex Baby Demo

The Ryder Distortion is Doug Aldrich’s Signature distortion pedal. The legendary Doug Aldrich, formerly of  Dio, Whitesnake, and Dead Daisies, designed this versatile distortion pedal with the Foxgear RATS Distortion as its foundation but with a clipping section that features Germanium Diodes to deliver Doug Aldrich’s legendary lead tone. Of course, the Ryder still uses the same Golden-Pin relays, True Bypass and Low-Noise circuitry that makes the RATS distortion so popular, but with increased levels of gain perfect for Aldrich’s legendary lead playing.

Ryder Distortion Demo

The Rainbow Reverb is the ultimate digital reverb pedal at an incredibly low price. The Rainbow is based on the well known and reliable DSP FV-1 used in most boutique pedals on the market today. The Rainbow offers 5 reverb presets, including 2 mind-blowing shimmering algorithms, 2 classic reverb effects and an innovative and inspiring “RotaryVerb” which is a bit like putting a vintage rotary speaker in the middle of the largest cathedral you can find. These features are all available in the Rainbow Reverb at a fraction of the price of boutique pedals with similar circuits.

Foxgear Rainbow Demo


Designed in conjunction with Guy Pratt of Pink Floyd, the Knee Trembler is Pratt’s signature tremolo pedal and an amazing tremolo effect with unique LFO or low frequency oscillation, making it perfect for Pratt’s famous, “One of These Days” bass intro when coupled with the Echosex Baby Delay. If you are one of those players who miss the good old days when amps came equipped with onboard tremolo, you’ll love the Knee Trembler! 

Foxgear Demo


The Muffin Fuzz pedal draws its inspiration from David Gilmour’s legendary muff used in the 80’s. The Foxgear Muffin is completely faithful to the original, closely reproducing Gilmour’s unique clipping. With the Muffin, you will have no problem dialing in the ideal sound. Thanks to the Muffin’s low noise circuitry, it is quiet and easy-going, even when stacked on your pedal board with an overdrive and a variety of effects, as you can see in this demo.

Foxgear Echosex Baby, Muffin, Maitresse Demo

Foxgear Pedals are serious musical tools suitable for musicians of all experience levels. This is just a handful of the great Foxgear pedals that we carry at Adirondack Guitar. Take a moment to visit ourwebsiteto look over our wide selection of guitars, basses, amps and effects orcontact us with any questions you may have. 

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