Beginner Guitarist? Here's Some Tips on How to Improve

March 12, 2019 2 min read

Beginner Guitarist? Here's Some Tips on How to Improve

Learning guitar can be a tough task, and it takes a lot of energy and perseverance. Whether you're trying to learn the latest hits or just perfecting a few chords, it's important to keep yourself stimulated and make lessons fun. The tips below can help you make the most of each guitar session.

Buy Interesting Sheet Music

Many budding guitarists are intimidated by the thought of learning about music theory and how to read music. Yet, these basics are the foundation of any musical endeavor, and having an understanding of them will help any student advance his or her playing to the next level. When looking for sheet music and deciding what you'd like to play, you'll likely be much more successful by starting with something familiar. For example, if you've heard a really enjoyable song recently, go out and buy the sheet music for it. Listen to the song on repeat while you learn the chords. You could alsocheck out guitar method books; these are set up incrementally to help you advance at a steady rate, keeping you motivated and making learning enjoyable.

Try Blended Learning

Blended learning involves a mix of both online and in-person teaching, and this can be convenient for people who can't take in-person lessons.Incorporating technology like apps is beneficial for most students and can accelerate learning. Blended learning can enable students to interact with other guitarists online and provide tools for technical practice. For example, students might choose to view online performances from their favorite guitarists, and they may also use an app to help them hear and practice certain guitar fingerings or chords. This approach can be especially motivational and can inspire students to practice daily, enabling them to make more rapid progress.

Perform in Public

Many talented musiciansstruggle with stage fright. To help prevent this from developing, it is important for beginning guitarists to make a habit of performing in public frequently, even if it is just for a small group of friends and family. Beginners could set aside a designated concert time each week and make a goal of performing a short portion of a technical exercise, song, or piece that they have been practicing that week. Doing this regularly helps build confidence and promotes accountability.

Following the tips above can help guitarists of all ages to advance and find greater joy in the process of music making. Try to adopt these tips gradually, and always ask for advice from a trusted guitar mentor. Happy playing!

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