4 Vital Tips for the Care and Maintenance of Your Guitar

May 30, 2019 2 min read

4 Vital Tips for the Care and Maintenance of Your Guitar

Guitarists talk about their instruments like they're their children, yet many overlook the fundamental importance of proper maintenance. If you own a guitar and want to keep it as good as it was when you first bought it, you have to be able to take care of it. These tips will help you keep your guitar in good order.

Cleaning Strings

It's hard to tell from the naked eye, but your fingers transfer all sorts of dirt to your strings. While strings need to be changed regularly, cleaning them after each playing session can help to greatly increase their lifespan. Use something like a T-shirt to go up and down your strings. Makes sure to also get in between your frets so that you can keep your guitaras clean as possible. You want to get your money's worth from your strings and have them sounding as sweetly as possible.


Just because your guitar seems like it's more or less operating fine doesn't mean that there couldn't be hidden issues that you need to address.Bring your guitar into an expert, such as a luthier, and see what sort of advice they have. You might need to have new pickups installed or get a new finish. Bring your guitar in for inspections on a yearly basis.

Safe Storage

You need to keep your guitar in a place that's not only secure but also not going to cause any serious issues in regard to its playability. Make sure you know the optimal conditions necessary for storing your guitar. Wooden instruments are famously responsive to changes in temperature and humidity, so keep in mindthe optimal conditions necessary for storing your guitar safely. Environments should be neither too hot nor too cold.

Careful Movement

Guitars, especially acoustic ones, aren't terribly heavy. The unfortunate flipside of that is it can be easy to scuff up the body of your guitar if you're not careful with it. Putting it down too quickly or bumping it into walls can really hurt its quality as well as making it look shoddy.Be gentle with your guitar wherever you go, and get a sturdy case for it. Put your guitar in and take it out of the case with your full attention.

It doesn't take much for a guitar to lose its integrity. A guitar's quality depends on how much care its owner puts into it. You need to never take your instrument for granted as guitars can be expensive to replace. Taking a moment to think about how your actions are affecting your guitar will help bring about much greater longevity.

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