4 Different Types of Guitars & the Legends Who Played Them

May 30, 2019 2 min read

4 Different Types of Guitars & the Legends Who Played Them

Of course, there are many types of guitars that are considered the top of the line in modern culture. There is no question that millions of individuals enjoyed playing them, but the guitar legends are the ones who have truly made all of these guitars stand out. It’s much like how you can do things with basketball, but an NBA star can literally make magic with it. It’s the same way with these guitar musicians. To that end, here are four different guitar types, along with the legendary individuals who made them famous.

Semi-Hollow Body Electric

The most famous semi-hollow electric body guitar is the Gibson Lucille played by B.B. King. He gave it a special sound simply by eliminating the f-holes in order to reduce feedback. Moreover, King was able to blend some sweet acousticswith an electric edge.

Cigarbox Electric

There is no question that the Cigarbox Electric brand has many examples of unconventional body types. These would include such examples as The Twang Machine, popularized by well-known '50's and '60's musician Bo Diddley. He was able to engage in a lot of showman tactics even with a guitar that normally has the sound effects of a tin can!

Les Paul

Buddy Holly's 1952 Les Paul Goldtop can be seen in the famous Buddy Holly Center in Lubbock, TX,just ten minutes from the airport. Holly is depicted in a few early photos playing this Les Paul guitar, but there are no known recordings that exist with this guitar in the background. Interestingly enough, Buddy Holly actually etched his original name, “Buddy Holley” onto the sound box that came with the guitar. It’s probably a good thing he did that, especially considering that the original spelling of his name would be lost to history.


This is an active electric guitar that was distinguished by the style of Metallica’s James Hetfield. One of the things that the ESP MX220 is known for would be an “active pickup”, which is a great way to distinguish the sound tones. Moreover, the ESP MX220 is a good instrument to use overdubbing tocreate some of the massive riffs that Metallica has become known for.

As you can see, the guitars themselves are very special. However, when they are paired with a legendary guitar player, they take on a whole another dimension. It truly is a thing of beauty, and it’s not limited to just one musical genre either.

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