Takamine Guitars

Takamine Guitars

Named after the mountain that loomed over the small family-run guitar shop that the company grew out of, Takamine have developed just as solid and dependable reputation in the musical instrument world. From humble beginnings in central Japan, under the drive of president Mass Hirade, Takamine constantly refined its production and creative processes, revolutionised acoustic amplification and through the more recent use of lasers for the inlay work are lauded for particularly beautiful and intricate designs.

And attention to detail is the unique selling point of the Takamine name. The interior bracing of the guitar is fine tuned by hand to ensure the optimum sound, frets are positioned via a laser guided finishing system for total precision and the level of craftsmanship and wood working skills takes the ascetic qualities to another level.

They are a classic example of sticking to what you are good at and then doing it far better than anyone else. The fact that Jon Bon Jovi, a man who can surely buy any guitar he sets his eye on is still wielding a 23 year old model is testament to both just how versatile not to mention durable they are.

Takamine Guitars can be found being used to make all types of music, from indie-folk of Glen Hansard to the stadium rock of Glen Frey, from the heartland grandeur of Bruce Springsteen to the pop of Bruno Mars and everything in between.

Anything that is worth doing, is worth doing well, a work ethic that Takamine take very seriously.