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Reverend Guitars

There is something honest and relatable about a company that started life in a garage behind a bicycle shop in East Detroit, but that was where Joe Naylor produced his first Reverend Guitar. His years studying industrial design, gaining knowledge in Lutherie School and the application of those skills working as a professional, repairer of vintage guitar have resulted in a range of products as varied and individual as the players they are aimed at.

Reverend has a boutique feel to its product range and have teamed up with many top players to create signature guitars and even though they are now very much a global concern that same attention to detail that people saw in Joe’s first creations is still the hallmark of the company.

The company offers guitars and basses for all genres, styles and situations, suitable whether you are striding the boards at an amphitheatre level rock show, are house band at a local bar or quietly learning your trade in you bedroom at home.

Reverend, now based in Toledo, Ohio, have garner accolades from journalists, tastemakers and industry experts but it is the players who count and the amount of top names who have worked with Reverend and put their name to one of its signature products tells you everything you need to know. Names such as Billy Corgan, Reeves Gabrels, Gil Parris, Pete Anderson and Ron Asheton are all now entwined in company lore.

Add to that a wide range of basses and left handed guitars and it is clear to see that Reverend are perfect when you want something a bit more specific and a bit more finely crafted.