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Whilst, over the years, guitar manufacturers have played with almost every possible aspect of instrument design from the look and shape to the number of strings and explored every technical detail, none of those developments come close to the leap made by Rainsong. Whilst other companies take small evolutionary steps Rainsong's innovative, all-graphite acoustic guitar is nothing less than first major advancement in guitar making since the Italian masters perfected the present wood instrument nearly 400 years ago.

Having attended a wedding on the island of Maui and witnessed first hand the dilemma of the event’s guitarist caught between contractual obligation and the ruination of his guitar in the face of an incoming tropical shower, John Decker’s mind set to work.

The result was a totally new type of instrument; one which had all the hallmarks of a well-crafted and effortlessly elegant acoustic guitar but which still plays beautifully and consistently during the changing weather and temperature of the seasons. One that is robust enough to endure the slings and arrows of the live circuit and would even emerge unscathed after an unexpected downpour.

Most woods, being organic, have variable tonal qualities, natural damping often effecting the instruments sound as frequency increases. Carbon fiber has the added advantage of having a totally consistent acoustic spectrum, resulting in a remarkably full range of sound across the board from a crystal clear treble to warm but unmuddied bass tones.

Perfect for rhythm and lead players alike and naturally loud and clear, Rainsong guitars may very well be the start of a whole new chapter.