Our Guitar and Bass Brands

We work closely with select vendors to get you the best guitars at the best prices. Below you'll find the manufacturers who provide us the high quality left handed and right handed guitars, basses and other equipment.

See our full store inventory ranging from guitars, basses and other fretted instruments to amps, pedals, cases and other accessores: Adirondack Guitar Full Inventory

Our vendors include:

Airline, Alvarez, Angry Angus, BC Rich, Bird and Bee, Boulder Creek, Breedlove, Carvin, Cordoba, Crafter, D'Addario, D'Angelico, Danelectro, DBZ, Dean, Dillion, Dipinto, Dunlop, Eastwood, Electro Harmonix, Ernie Ball, ESP LTD, FBR, Fender, G&L, Gadow, G7th, GHS, Gianinni, Gibson, GJ2, Goldtone, Grace Harbor, Guild, Hagstrom, Hamer, Hercules, Heritage, Hofner, Ibanez, Indiana, Italia, Jay Turser, Jose Ramirez, Kaces, KSD, Kyser, Lace, Lakewood Guitars, Larrivee, Levys, Line 6, Luna, Martin, Matrix, Mesa Boogie, Michael Kelly, Morgan Monroe, Minarik, MTD, Musicman, MXR, Orange, Oscar Schmidt, Ovation, Pig Hog, Rainsong, Reverend, Riptide Ukeleles, Rowan, Samick, Schecter, Sharktooth, SIT Strings, Snark, St. Blues, Stagg, Strukture, Spector, Supro, Takamine, Taylor, Tradition, True Tone, Trussart, Vintage, Walden, Warwick, Washburn, Way Huge, Wood Song, Zemaitis.