Left-Handed Guitar and Bass

Adirondack Guitar was Built For Left-Handed Guitar and Bass Players

Left-handed guitar players have had a tough go at finding the right gear in the past.  While there are the players everyone knows - Jimi Hendrix, Paul McCartney, Kurt Cobain or Babyface – lefty musicians are in the minority.  Often times, musicians were told to flip a right-handed guitar upside down, reverse the strings or just learn righty.  Adirondack Guitar was founded over 20 years ago for just this reason.  We don’t believe that a lefty guitar play should have to sacrifice their natural style to accommodate a limited supply of quality gear. 

We Buy and Sell the Best New and Used Guitar, Bass and Gear

We work with all major guitar and bass makers to find the best gear for all playing styles - Crafter, Martin, Schecter, Rainsong and more.  Often times, we will have a custom set made just for Adirondack Guitar so that we can offer incredible products that no one else may offer.  We’ve got budget-friendly left-handed guitars like the Crafter CJ-400 all the way up to high-end southpaw guitars like the D’Angelico Excel SS.  We take pride knowing that we can accommodate players from passion to professional.  We also offer every variant you could be looking for:  left-handed electric guitars, left-handed acoustic guitars, left-handed electric bass, left-handed acoustic bass or more.

Recently we’ve also started buying and selling more used gear for those looking for some savings or to find that perfect vintage guitar or bass.  Check out our used left-handed selection for some additional savings or even that hard to find guitar.  We’ve gotten in some really diverse pieces from beginner guitars to professional lefty basses that may be perfect for you.  Keep in mind, if there’s something you’re looking for that we don’t have in stock we are happy to work with you to custom order righty and left-handed guitars from any manufacturer we have a relationship with.

Stop in or Give Us a Call

Please note that we have hundreds of guitars in our store so if there’s something in particular you’re looking to try out, give us a shout before stopping in so we can get you setup.  We’re always happy to give you some options of guitars from a specific manufacturer or within a price range.  Sometimes it just helps to have some comparisons laid out in front of you to really feel the difference.  For left-handed guitar players, this can be tricky to find a place to get that right selection.