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There is probably no bigger name in the guitar world that the late, great Leo Fender, which happens to be the “L” in this company’s name, one that he set up with George Fullerton and Dale Hyatt in the late 70’s. Fender and Fullerton have, between them, probably driven more technical innovations in the electric guitar world than anyone else. Many of which are still in use in the modern G&L guitar.

The contribution to music of the two founders is immeasurable; a technician and a designer who complemented each other perfectly and who left us with two of the most iconic guitar names in music history. Namely the Telecaster and the Stratocaster, both of which bore Fender’s name. And whilst the founders are no longer with us, G&L Guitars is their legacy and the factory still prides itself with building instruments with total love, upmost dedication and great skill.

As you would expect from such a well regarded and cutting edge company, one standing at the forefront of the industry, G&L don’t cut corners. The instruments are hand crafted and afforded a lot of attention to detail; the down side of this is that the cost of many of their guitars might prove prohibitive to fledgling players.

Their Tribute series does offer some savings, a range designed to offer the G&L sound, the feel and the innovative features for under half the price of its US made counterparts. These are still not budget guitars by any means but are more comparable and of superior quality to the best production models of their rivals.

It is unlikely that your first guitar will be a G&L, but think of this as the Rolls Royce car of the guitar world, something you dream of owning and hopefully one day have the satisfaction of knowing that you have worked hard to acquire a luxury product.