D'Angelico Guitars

Out of New York City for over a hundred years, D'Angelico Guitars sells amazing righty and left-handed guitars and basses.  D'Angelico sells Electric, Acoustic and Bass guitars for beginners and professionals alike.  Known for their hollowbody electric guitars, D'Angelico also puts out some great solid body pieces too.  Premier, Excel and Deluxe brands round out the D'Angelico guitar inventory providing great depth and variety that cater to beginner guitar players up through professionals.  For those looking for the best of the best, the Master Builder series provides a one-of-a-kind, hand-built custom guitar (if you're interested, let us know - we'd love to get a look at one of these beauties in person!).

Aside from D'Angelico's rich history, we love the options of left-handed guitars they offer.  Every year at NAMM, they seem to punch out more and more lefties along with better and better models for either handed guitar or bass players.  Building out on their great collection, they also have some of our favorite sponsored artists in the category including Bob Weir - check out some of the Grateful Dead collection - and Bootsy Collins.  

There is also some flair on both the guitars and basses - beautiful custom tailpieces (see our right-handed Excel SS Electric Guitar) or great looking tuners (see our Jumbo Madison left-handed Acoustic Guitar).  The D'Angelico look and feel translates perfectly to both righty and left-handed guitars.

If you're looking for great sound and playability with some edge, look no further than D'Angelico Guitars from Adirondack Guitar.