Crafter Guitars

Crafter Guitars

Brand names are important, they can often tell you a lot about what that company stands for. The name Crafter tells you pretty much everything you need to know and has connotations of high quality and also pays tribute to the craftsmen and women upon who the company is founded.

Crafter have their history in a small South Korean enterprise called Sungeum Guitars, which supplied classical guitars for the domestic market but who quickly out grew their basement premises. Sungeum are still a recognised and respected brand in South Korea but when it was time to head out into a wider business world a more universal name was decided upon. Crafter now own one of the most modern factories in Asia and have become synonymous with the perfect blend of high-tech production and the traditional craft of guitar making.

There was a time when trying to find a good acoustic guitar for under $500 would result in a hard to play, troublesome beast, likely to put the player off rather than aid their development. Crafter has been part of the affordable guitar revolution and now offers a wide range of quality products that ordinary people can afford both left-handed and righty. Compromise is no longer the watchword and with a guitar to suit all styles and tastes plus a wide range of electro-acoustic options, Crafter really is the place to start.

Whilst the company has gained an unparalleled reputation for producing quality guitars for those on a budget, their products are also the brand of choice for established artists such as rockers Warrant, American Idol’s Janell Wheeler and solo artist Dario Lorina. Whilst Crafter still has a bigger presence in Asia and The UK, they are quickly becoming one of the most popular ranges of acoustic guitar across the world.  

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