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The name Airline is quite simply synonymous with American music. Its origins can be traced back to 1950’s Chicago and it should be noted that their parent company, Valco Manufacturing, were the people behind the famous National guitar. Although production of the Airline range ceased in 1968, Canadian company Eastwood Guitars resurrected the name in 2001 and at Adirondack Guitar we couldn't be happier to stock an awesome selection of left-handed Airline guitars.

The original Valco era guitars are obviously much sought after and have graced the stage with artists as diverse and revered as David Bowie, The Cure, PJ Harvey, and Calexico, as well as Jack White of The White Stripes. As the years pass these vintage makes have become too hard to play, not to mention too expensive to obtain which explains the popularity of the modern day Airline guitar.

Today’s Eastwood versions of the Airline totally captures the look, essence and historical weight of the older, rare models but modern technology has meant that they superior in all technical aspects from playability to tone to dependability and of course affordability.  Also, availability of amazing lefty guitars and basses have hit all-time highs making it easier to obtain the perfect guitar. 

Whilst specializing in keeping those elements of musical history alive they also offer a wide range of specialty guitars, basses, and left-handers as well as their popular B-stock line of refurbished, pre-loved instruments.

Eastwood, who now carry the Airline name, are passionate about their product, they are not just a manufacturer of instruments they are by and large passionate guitar players and aficionados as well which explains the reason that they have become so invested with a name that is so important in the history of guitar development.

As guitar lovers themselves their mission is simple, when you open the box of your newly acquired guitar, they want nothing less than for you to fall in love with your purchase.  We recommend looking through our selection at Adirondack Guitar's website or at our store in Hudson Falls, NY to see for yourself.  We stock all our guitars in-store including the H44 DLX Electric Guitar,  the H78 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar, and one of our favorites the '59 Cornado DLX Electric Guitar.