Reunion Blues RBXS Multi Guitar stand (holds 5) RBXS-M5G

The RBXS Multi-Guitar Stand is designed to safely and securely hold up to 5 instruments. Padded plastic guitar cradles pivot to accommodate a wide variety of instrument shapes and styles, and are suitable for most acoustic, electric, and bass guitars, while making it easy to secure and remove the instruments as needed. The neck rest is made from a dense, non-reactive foam that keeps the instrument still and also protects the finish. The steel frame features a hinged leg design with rubber feet for excellent balance and stability. Best of all, the stand can easily fold down into a small footprint suitable for storage or transport.  

Pivoting guitar cradles secure up to 5 guitars Suitable for most acoustic, electric, and bass guitars Guitars are easily stored and retrieved Hinged leg design with rubber feet for balance and stability Non-reactive foam neck rest protects instrument lacquer All plastic parts made from high impact, shatterproof Polyethylene Collapsible Steel Frame folds down easily for storage or transport