RightOn! Standard Plus Collection Guitar Strap- Hot Rod Yellow

Simple, Elegant 5cm Guitar Straps Designed For Comfort and Convenience

The RightOn! Standard Plus collection features a variety of 5 cm guitar straps adjustable in length from 86cm to 150cm 33.4 to 59 inches) to fit guitarists of all ages and sizes. Featuring a super soft microfiber lining made from a 2mm layer of low density latex, and a super convenient triglyde adjustment system, the RightOn! Standard Plus Hot Rod straps capture the comfort, convenience and simple elegance so prevalent in American Culture in general.

The Standard Plus Hot Rod straps are available in a variety of colors and were inspired more specifically by the colors and stripes of American race cars. In the RightOn! Hot Rod Yellow guitar strap you can see the racing stripe design, along with the triglyde easy adjustment system and the leather ends equipped with pick pockets (proprietary pick holders) that allow you to keep extra picks handy at both ends of your strap. 

The RightOn! Standard Plus Hot Rod Yellow strap is designed for comfort and durability, padded with a layer of low density latex that ensures the strap never gets stuck or slips too much off your shoulder.The 5cm width is extremely comfortable and the leather strap ends are riveted with stainless steel rivets ensuring that they are secure and highly durable.

Features and Specs:

  • Width: 1.97" (5 cm)
  • Adjustable Length: 33,46" (85 cm) - 59" (150 cm)
  • Material: Leather
  • Pick Holders at Each End
  • Color: Yellow

Highly Durable Guitar Strap Captures the Spirit of Vintage Autos and American Race Cars

The RightOn! Standard Plus series Hot Rod straps are made by hand to last! Made by skilled artisans in colors and stripe patterns that capture the simple elegance of classic vintage autos and American race cars, the RightOn! Hot Rod guitar straps are extremely comfortable and incredibly durable. Proprietary ‘pick-pockets’ (pick holders) on each end ensure you’ll always have a pick handy. Hot Rod Yellow is pictured, but they are available in a variety of colors and designs.