Vox MSB25 Mini SuperBeetle Nutube Mini Stack

In stock now. The Vox MSB25 Mini SuperBeetle pays tribute to the iconic 60's look of this classic Vox amp and with modern updates that keep it affordable and sounding amazing. The Vox Mini SuperBeetle features the all-new analog NuTube circuitry which delivers and authentic tube tone without the added weight and cost of real tubes. Don't be fooled by the small size, this awesome Vox amp has a maximum output of 50w (at 4ohm) and the open back cabinet sports a 10 inch Celestion Speaker and it sounds great. The SuperBeetle also has on board digital reverb and NuTube driven tremolo, as well as a headphone/line output for practicing and recording. This compact Vox is a great addition for any home, office, or studio.