D'Addario Protect Liquid Carnauba Guitar Wax

Natural Wax For a Radiant Guitar Finish!

D'Addario Protect makes your guitar finish look better than new! The secret behind Protect is the premium-quality Brazilian Carnauba and an advanced chemistry. Together, Protect adds up to an unbelievably radiant finish. Just pour a bit of Protect onto a polishing cloth, then work the wax thoroughly into your guitar's surface with a circular motion. Once Protect dries to a haze, use a clean polishing cloth to remove it. You won't believe how stunning your guitar looks after you use D'Addario Protect.



D'Addario Protect Guitar Wax Features:
  • Liquid wax, natural protectant and sealer
  • Combines premium-quality Brazilian Carnauba and advanced chemistry
  • Gives your guitar a distinct radiance
D'Addario Protect is the natural way to a radiant guitar finish!