New Reverend Guitars and Basses for 2020

January 23, 2020 4 min read

New Reverend Guitars and Basses for 2020

In 2020, as always, Reverend unites retro-cool with fresh innovations to create guitars and basses that are perfect for players inthis millennium.

Featuring an array of modern colors and a host of innovative upgrades, Reverend is unleashing an impressive lineup of new models in 2020, as well as a reboot of one of their most beloved models - The Warhawk. Add to that a new and updated signature model and you literally have guitars that appeal to every musical taste and style from straightforward rock machines to tricked-out retro cool axes available in fresh new colors, all with innovative pickup pairings and Reverend’s high quality build standards.

Fans of Reverend Guitars are sure to notice an incredible array of new colors available in the 2020 lineup. With new finishes like Avocado Burst, Mulberry Mist, and Medieval Red, players will be pleased to find the same tricked-out, retro-cool Reverend axes now available in an entirely new palette of colors. 

The Reverend Roundhouse 

The all new Reverend Roundhouse packs some serious power! This re-imagining of the classic single cutaway features a lightweight, balanced body with a heavy tone that packs a big sonic punch! This carved-top set-neck powerhouse sports a pair of Reverend’s HA5 humbucker pickups, a flame maple top and a tune-o-matic bridge, giving it the kind of power you need to realize all of your rock and roll dreams!

Roundhouse Violin Brown
Roundhouse Transparent Black


Roundhouse Transparent Turquoise


Like all Reverend Guitars, the Roundhouse has a light Korina body for a tight and balanced tone with Reverend’s Bass Contour Control for incredible sonic versatility. Other premium appointments include a Boneite nut with locking tuners for incredible tuning stability, a dual-action truss rod making it an all around high performance sound machine and a roasted maple neck with Pau Ferro fretboard to provide all of the comfort you need for any style of music you want to play. The Roundhouse is a new hard-rocking dream guitar from Reverend, available in Violin Brown, Transparent Black, and Transparent Turquoise. 

The Sentinel: A Small, But Mighty Bass

New for 2020, the Reverend Sentinel is a big-sounding, professional-grade short-scale bass designed to deliver in terms of tone and playability. Featuring a raised center ridge to provide increased mass, and Joe Naylor’s P-Blade pickups, the short-scale Sentinel delivers extended low-end punch with some serious power. This short scale bass really thumps!

Sentinel in Metallic Alpine


Sentinel in Midnight Black


Thanks to Reverend’s innovative 3-way voicing switch, the Sentinel is also sonically versatile. The 3-way voicing switch offers three distinct variations: bright, normal, and deep, giving you the ability to blend a variety of tonal colors, giving the Sentinel unrivalled sonic versatility among single pickup basses. The Reverend Sentinel is available in Black, Metallic Alpine, and Mulberry Mist.


Sentinel Mulberry Mist

The Return of the Warhawk! 

Back by popular demand, a revamped Reverend Warhawk, part of the set-neck series, with a thinner, sleeker body design, a variety of pickup and hardware combinations, and a veritable rainbow of new color choices. The new Warhawk 390 model comes loaded with three of Naylor’s 9A5 pickups that Reverend’s website describe as “...hotter and thicker at the bridge, yet cleaner and more open at the middle and neck than vintage P-90s.”

Warhawk 390

The new Warhawk DA comes with Reverend’s Double Agent pickup configuration, which is a humbucker pickup in the bridge position and a P-90 in the neck position. 

Warhawk DA

Both the standard and DA versions come with hardtail TOM bridges, but the Warhawk DAW version comes with a Wilkinson tremolo system. Like all Reverend Guitars, the new Warhawk models come with lightweight Korina bodies, boneite nuts and locking tuners, Reverend’s Bass Contour Control, and a dual-action truss rod for a tight, responsive tone and premium performance. 

Warhawk DAW

The Contender

Contender is Reverend’s new single-cut model, also part of the Set Neck Series, offering players a fresh combination of vintage and modern influences. The offset single-cut body is definitely a popular vintage design feature for 2020 and is paired here with a six-in-line Reverend style headstock. The Contender is available in three finishes: Natural, Midnight Black, and Medieval Red.

Contender HB

The Reverend Contenders are available loaded with a choice of Reverend’s proprietary pickups, including humbuckers, P-90s or the company’s new Retroblast mini-humbuckers that deliver a percussive yet smooth tone backed with plenty of power. 

Contender 290

There is also a Bigsby-loaded option, the Contender RB, which comes in Rock Orange, Outfield Ivy and Venetian Gold finishes (pictured above). Like all Reverend Guitars, the Contenders sport Korina bodies, boneite nuts and locking tuners, Reverend’s Bass Contour Control, and a dual-action truss rod for premium performance. 

Contender RB

Robin Finck Signature Model

The Robin Finck Signature is based on Reverend’s Sensei model minus the Bigsby tremolo system, instead outfitted with a Tune-O-Matic bridge with stop bar tailpiece. Finck doesn’t use the tone knob on his Sensei, so Reverend put just the volume and bass contour controls on his signature model, with a 3-way pickup selector switch and vintage style knobs.

The key to grabbing those heavy yet well-defined tones that Finck uses in his work with Nine Inch Nails is Reverend’s Railhammer Chisel pickups. Railhammer Chisels are based around a ceramic magnet core and wound with a 42AWG and 44AWG wire gauge for the neck and bridge pickups respectively, and feature a rail covering the lower, wound strings, and enlarged pole pieces under the unwound treble strings. Like all Reverend Guitars, the Robin Finck signature model sports a Korina body, boneite nut and locking tuners, and a dual-action truss rod for premium performance. 


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