New From Sterling by Music Man for 2020

April 10, 2020 5 min read

New From Sterling by Music Man for 2020

At the Winter NAMM Show in January, Sterling by Music Man showed that they are in the game in a big way, unveiling some of their most impressive new signature models to date, while also unveiling impressive new features and finishes on several of their most popular models, including a new short-scale version of the Cutlass guitar, a new short-scale StingRay bass and a new and incredibly gorgeous Vintage Sunburst Valentine guitar.

Of course, the biggest story from the 2020 Sterling by Music Man line comes in the shred-axe category, with the unveiling of several highly anticipated offerings. In 2020, for the first time, Sterling by Music Man will be offering John Petrucci Majesty and Signature JP models with authentic DiMarzio pickups, in a variety of eye-catching finishes with Flame Maple tops that are sure to captivate Prog Metal fans everywhere!

Sterling by Music Man also unveiled the highly anticipated Jason Richardson 7-string Cutlass model that has impressed shred fans with its beauty as much as its silky playability. For more info on these and other Sterling by Music Man 2020 offerings keep reading, and click through on the links for more on specs and pricing at our main site!

John Petrucci Majesty 2020 - MAJ200XFM and MAJ270XFM  

2020 Majesty MAJ270XFM Demo

The iconic Majesty shred machine is back and better than ever, featuring premium DiMarzio pickups for the first time in a Sterling by Music Man edition. The new Majesty MAJ200XFM and 7-string MAJ270XFM feature a Mahogany body with a beautiful Flame Maple top, with the iconic Majesty set neck design that allows unprecedented access to the higher register of the fretboard.

The 3-piece Mahogany neck is thin and super fast, sporting an Ebony fretboard with extra jumbo stainless steel frets, providing out of this world comfort and easy playability.

The most attractive feature of this new Sterling by Music Man Majesty is its premium grade electronics. The 2020 Majesty comes outfitted with the same DiMarzio pickup combination that John Petrucci uses in his personal guitars, a DiMarzio Crunch Lab humbucker pickup in the bridge position, and a DiMarzio Liquifire humbucker in the neck position. Any of these new 2020 John Petrucci Majesty guitars will deliver a full array of tones perfect for progressive metal and shred, and the push/push volume control boost always ensures that you will stand out in the mix when you solo.

The 2020 Majesty guitars from Sterling by Music Man also offer a full set of premium hardware appointments that give them all a luxurious feel, including stainless steel frets, custom JP inlays, a Sterling by Music Man modern tremolo bridge and locking tuners, ensuring rock solid intonation and stable tuning.

MAJ200XFM Demo


John Petrucci Signature JP150DFM  and JP157DFM  

In 2020, the John Petrucci Signature 150 and 157 also received a much-anticipated upgrade in the pickup department, and now come outfitted with the same pickup combination that you will find in the 2020 Majesty guitars. The DiMarzio Crunch Lab and Liquifire pickups have provided John Petrucci with his signature tone for years and now they will deliver the same array of crushing rhythm and fiery lead tones that Dream Theater fans have loved for decades in a Sterling by Music Man edition of Petrucci's most popular signature guitar!

Featuring all of the same design appointments that JP Signature players have enjoyed for years, such as the special forearm scoop, roasted maple neck with sculpted neck joint, the new 2020 John Petrucci Signature JP150 and JP157 also delivers an array of features never available in a Sterling by Music Man JP model before. These include the afore-mentioned DiMarzio pickups, a figured maple top and stainless steel frets, giving the 2020 JP Signature guitars their luxurious feel and extraordinary sound!

JP150DFM Demo

Jason Richardson 7-String Cutlass - RICHARDSON7 

The Sterling by Music Man Richardson 7 was designed to suit the highly technical progressive metal artistry of one of the music world’s most promising young guitarists. With premium features like an Alder Cutlass style body with a highly figured Poplar Burl top, a bolt-on neck joint featuring a special sculpted horn designed for easy access to the highest frets, silky smooth roasted Maple neck with a comfortable 16“ radius, you’ll find yourself flying unfettered over the entire neck with ease!

The Sterling by Music Man Richardson 7 features an impressive array of sonic possibilities thanks to its specially designed Sterling by Music Man humbucker pickups with an variety of coil splitting possibilities and a push/push volume boost on the volume control, instantly increasing the guitar’s responsiveness allowing you to cut through the mix.

The Sterling by Music Man Richardson 7 Signature Cutlass 7-string electric guitar delivers scorching tone and next level playability at an affordable price point, andcan be preordered here

Richardson 7 Demo 

Valentine Signature JV60-VSB

In 2020 the much loved and highly versatile Valentine Signature model will be available in an eye-catching Vintage Sunburst finish. When designing his Ernie Ball Signature guitar, James Valentine of Maroon 5 was looking to create a guitar that combined vintage looks with all of the advantages of a guitar built as he says, “ this century.” The result is the Ernie Ball Valentine guitar that the Sterling by Music Man JV60 is based on.

The 2020 Valentine JV60-VBS delivers all of the design features that the Valentine guitar is famous for, including a unique Tele-335 hybrid body style, sumptuous roasted maple neck with roasted maple fingerboard, and specially designed Sterling by Music Man pickups with a volume boost on the volume control that lets you cut through any mix, now in a gorgeous Vintage Sunburst finish that gives it the classic looks Valentine was looking for.

Short-Scale Cutlass CTSS30HS in Mint Green and Shell Pink  

The Sterling by Music Man Cutlass has always been the perfect option for beginning guitarists looking for a full-featured, quality double-cut at an amazing price point. The new short-scale Cutlass CTSS30HS  makes it even easier for beginning guitarists to enjoy the sound and feel of a quality instrument at a price that doesn’t break the bank!

Available is Mint Green and Shell Pink and outfitted with a Sterling by Music Man humbucker in the bridge position and a single coil in the neck position with a 3-way switch to blend pickup voicings, a Sterling fulcrum tremolo bridge and a short 24“ scale length which reduces the tension on the strings, the new Short-Scale Cutlass is more comfortable and easier to play, especially for younger players or players with smaller hands.

New Short-Scale StingRay Basses

Sterling’s iconic StingRay bass line has consistently delivered thunderous tone, silky playability, and tremendous value for many years, and 2020 is no exception! With addition of two new RaySS4 Short-Scale StingRay basses you can enjoy the same tremendous StingRay bass tone with the feel of a short-scale bass, enjoying a new level of playability.

Sterling by Music Man Short-Scale StingRay Ray SS4 

Olympic White

Daphne Blue

The new Short-Scale StingRay is available in two beautiful finishes, Olympic White and Daphne Blue. Both versions have a 30“ scale length, Mahogany bodies and Hard Maple necks, and while the Daphne Blue version comes with a Maple fingerboard, the Olympic White sports a Rosewood fingerboard. Both are gorgeous short-scale basses with silky playability and represent a tremendous value!

Whether you are looking for a starter guitar, an iconic bass, a professional quality shred machine, or guitars with real vintage appeal, Sterling by Music Man has you covered in 2020! All of these 2020 Sterling by Music Man models can bepreordered on our website for delivery in early spring. 

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