How to Protect Your Gear on the Road

August 26, 2018 2 min read

How to Protect Your Gear on the Road

Being on the road isn't easy; you're often playing in a different town every night, and it can be a challenge to remember some of the details of everyday life while you're consumed with music. One of the most important details is keeping your gear safe from being bumped into, knocked over or otherwise damaged. Remember, if your instrument isn't working, you can't make music! Here are some tips to help keep your gear safe:

Take Care When Carrying Your Instrument

Sounds like common sense, but often when musicians are in a hurry to get to the gig, they can forget to watch where they're going. This is where an accident can happen. Many people don't look where they are going, so you have to be alert to avoid bumping into them. Also, try to be careful in smaller spaces, especially when you are near walls and doors. These areas have caused accidents for many instrumentalists.

Get a Strong, Reliable Case

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Whether you play guitar, bass, drums or a horn, you will need a case to keep your instrument protected when you are not using it. A lot of what you use will depend mainly on which instruments you carry. There are a variety of cases out there you will need for different kinds of gear. Mics should be kept in protective bags and cables should be properly-wrapped and tied securely. Anything from the most basic instrument to the heaviest of sound systems can have a case out there to help, and many of them even have wheels or other advantages for easier transport.

Never Walk Away From Your Axe

Remember, leaving your instrument unattended makes damage more likely to occur. Someone could bump into your instrument, or try to move it and end up knocking it over. When you are watching over your gear, you have much more control over what happens to it. End of story.

Purchase Instrument Insurance

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If an accident were to occur, you'd sleep much better at night knowing your gear is properly-insured. It's not a fun process to endure but will give you something to fall back on in case something goes wrong. But if any minor accidents happen, don’t forget that we’ve got your back and you can call us anytime with questions onguitar repair.

Overall, keeping your gear protected can be a challenging job, but a little common sense goes a long way. Keep an eye on your gear and keep it in its proper case when you are not using it.Proper care and maintenance would also help to keep your gear in good condition for as long as possible in addition to these habits. If you can't handle your gear on your own safely, transport companies offer services for delicate equipment that you might want to take advantage of. If you follow these instructions you will have an easier time keeping your gear safe. Be sensible and careful, and everything will be cool.

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