Guitar Solos for all

March 04, 2017 2 min read

Guitar Solos

Who doesn't love a good guitar solo every once in a while?  One of the greatest things about music is that no matter what you like, you can always appreciate talent.  At Adirondack Guitar, we are surrounded by musicians every day and this is what we talk about so we decided to share some of our favorites.

Everyone's got a favorite - don't forget to let us know the one we missed!

John's Favorite:  Prince's solo at the 2004 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions

Prince, along with a star-studded lineup featuring Tom Petty, Steve Winwood and others, cut through a legendary tribute to the late George Harrison. Prince's unmistakable sound and style gave this rendition a blistering flair in such a way that only Prince can. 

AWESOME MOMENT: The look on George Harrison's son, Dhani's face at 4:46.


Paul's Favorite:  Eric Clapton and Robbie Roberston in Martin Scorsese's, "The Last Waltz"

When The Band played their final concert, they invited some of the biggest names in American music to help them celebrate and filmed the world's first music rock documentary in the process. Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Ringo Star and other legends took the Stage with The Band on that night in Novemeber, but Eric Clapton and Robbie Roberstons dual guitar solos during "Further Up on the Road", is definitely worth mentioning. 

AWESOME MOMENT: When Eric has a strap malfunction at 1:02 and Robbie picks up the the lead without missing a beat.


Kevin's Favorite:  Strung Out, Blueprint of the Fall

There's nothing like a little good ol' rebellious punk rock music for me.  Sure, it's not the best solo of all time but Strung Out has a few songs that bring me back to my childhood and I've always loved the riffs in this song.  Whenever I hear this it brings me back to tiny concerts in small venues; 250 kids at BB Kings in NYC for Rise Against before they sold bigger shows.  Sure it's not Hendrix, Clapton, Page, or even Johnny Ramone, but none of those greats can bring me personally back to the musky smell of a divey concert hall like this video does.


To see our collection of great electrics for your own solo, look here:

Also, one of our favorites in recently is this great Supro Westbury Electric Guitar:


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