3 Vital Pieces of Equipment That Musicians Never Talk About

February 20, 2020 2 min read

3 Vital Pieces of Equipment That Musicians Never Talk About

Musical performances require a lot of equipment. Everything from the instruments to the lighting requires a strategic setup. Even the set-up of the stage must be considered. While most people only observe the large pieces of equipment, there is a lot of smaller equipment that is just as important to make a performance successful. Here are three of those items that don't get discussed too often.

Cables. So Many Cables

You may be able to listen to music wirelessly, but you can't create music wirelessly. Musicians need all kinds of cables - MIDI cables to transmit data, RCA cables for DJs, analog cables to transmit electrical audio signals, digital cables for the digital audio, snake cables and so much more. There are so many cables to hook up during a performance that you almost need to take a Cable 101 class just to set them up. Interestingly enough, studio set-up is one of the skills taught to people pursuing an audio degree, according to SAE Institute. Maybe Cable 101 is a thing after all.


While musicians generally don't wear earplugs, most of them probably wish they could. Performing can be fulfilling but it can take a serious toll on your hearing. Many musicians end up suffering from tinnitus. According to Black Hills Audiology Center, Tinnitus is the sensation of hearing phantom sounds. Often this sound takes the form of ringing, but it can also sound like buzzing, roaring, clicking, or hissing. They can be heard all the time or just an occasional instance. Eventually, if precautions are not taken, musicians may even suffer hearing loss.

Clips and Stands

There is a lot of equipment on a stage and all that equipment needs to be organized. Gearank recommends using clips and stands to help hold things in place. These things could be music sheets, cables, smartphones or tablets, microphones, speakers, and much more. Even the stage lighting may need clips and stands to keep them in place. In fact, there could possibly be more clips and stands on a stage than there are instruments and musicians. One thing is for sure - without clips and stands, the stage would be just a pile of equipment.

Performances require a lot of complicated equipment set up. Sure, you have bigger equipment like the instruments and speakers, but the small equipment is really t essential. Cables, earplugs, clips, and stands are all smaller equipment that's completely necessary to a successful and safe performance. You may not hear musicians talk about them much, but you can trust that a performance won't be the same without them.

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