Vox VXT1 Strobe Pedal Tuner

Representing Vox's first foray into the world of pedal tuners, the VXT-1 Strobe Tuner hits the nail right on the head. It features the accuracy of a traditional strobe tuner without the steep price and bulky housing. It has a high-visibility diamond-shaped LED display with the note name displayed prominently in the center. It has an ultra-accurate display that can achieve a tuning accuracy of ±0.02 cents. This level of accuracy is equal to the accuracy of the original 12-wheel mechanical strobe tuner. You can choose between three main tuning modes — Strobe, Diamond, and Vertical — so you can tune in whatever way makes the most sense to you. The tuner also has a buffered DC output that enables it to power other pedals in your signal chain. The Vox VXT-1 is a stompbox-sized tuner that offers unbeatable accuracy that will keep you perfectly in tune every time you hit the stage.