Used VOX MV50CR MV Series 50w Rock Head


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Gently used Vox MV50CR head. Tested and in perfect working order. Includes power supply

Weighing in at only 1.19lbs, the VOX MV50CR packs a mighty amount of tone into its miniscule 5.31” x 3.94” x 2.95” dimensions. Designed to be an innovative redesign of the traditional tube amp head, the MV50s features a hybrid circuit technology that combines a 50-watt solid state amplifier section with a preamp powered by Korg’s modern version of the classic 12AX7 vacuum tube known as the Nutube. Though it is barely as big as coffee mug, this 50 watt amp head provides so much output it must to be played to be believed!

Introduced in early 2017, the Vox MV50 Rock serves up the in-your-face tone of a high gain hard rock stack amp with a surprising amount of dynamic range. Designed to emphasize analog components, the Nutube preamp circuit produces authentic tube tone but is only a fraction of the size of a traditional tube. Another advantage of the Nutube is that it is designed to last for the life of the amp, and will not need to be replaced periodically, like traditional tubes.  

In the MV50, this innovative preamp circuit is paired with a reliable and efficient 50 watt solid state power amp that has been specifically designed for this series. Offering warm, natural clean tones and dynamic overdriven tones, this power amp has been engineered to respond to the most subtle nuances of your playing, giving it the tube amp responsiveness players from all backgrounds love.

With a single input and a headphone output, the MV50 is ready for practice with headphones as well as line-in recording. Plugged into just about any speaker cabinet, this impressive little amp head is stage ready as well!



  • Input/Output Jacks: INPUT x 1, LINE/PHONES x 1, SPEAKER OUT x 1
  • Preamp: Nutube 6P1
  • Output Power:Max 50W RMS@4Ω, 25W RMS@8Ω, 12.5W RMS@16Ω
  • Power Supply: AC adapter DC19V
  • Current Consumption: 3.43A
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 135mm x 100mm x 75mm/5.31” x 3.94” x 2.95”
  • Weight: 540g/1.19 lbs.
  • Included Items: AC adapter


Perfect Practice Amp With Classic Tone and Surprising Power

The Vox MV50 series are the first true miniature hybrid tube amps, perfect for guitarists of any experience level. At only $199, the MV50 Rock is super portable and ready to rock! The nutube technology is something that has to be heard to be believed, packing the sound of a classic British stack amp in to a lightweight, compact amp head.

Vendor: Vox