Teye Player Series Gypsy Queen 4 HH Electric Guitar with Case


 Teye Gypsy Queen 4 HH Electric Guitar.

The 2011 introduction of the Teye Gypsy Queen brought an entirely new shape and identity to Teye
guitars. All of the above descriptions of models are basically variations on Teye's original Electric Gypsy design: the familiar single-cutaway design well familiar with Les Paul lovers. And the original Electric Gypsy is totally capable of delivering sounds also from the ‘other side of the isle’, but apparently Teye wasn’t quite done yet, and worked on another guitar coming in from the other side.
Always trying to expand on the sonic possibilities, Teye found a way to thicken up the traditionally
thinner sounds of the Fender guitars, incorporated this in a guitar inspired by a left-handed Strat he built for himself and played flipped-over (a sort of mirrored Jimi Hendrix concept) and named the Gypsy Queen.

In its first (2012) incarnation the Gypsy Queen came in a full metal plate version and a smaller plate/more wood front, both only with a quartet of Strat pickups, wired the Teye way, with a different
kind of Mod knob. When Teye released the second Queen in 2018, choices were again a metal plate ‘La Bruja’ and a smaller plate/more wood (Princesa AKA ‘Woody’ This model has 2 custom wound Lollar Humbuckers and MOJO controls that make it super versatile. Includes a case.


  • 2xHB
  • select Spanish Cedar body
  • select Maple neck
  • 2x Lollar custom wound Humbucking pick-ups
  • Teye proprietary MOJO-electronics (for each version Teye has developed and fine-tuned a custom MOJO-circuit)
  • Grover mini-tuners
  • Hipshot vibrato tailpiece
  • Case included

Vendor: Teye