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Supro S6420 64 Reissue Series Thunderbolt 35w 1x15 Class A Tube Amp


This is a brand new amp with a slight cosmetic blem. There is a small spot pictured below where the grill is slightly indented and the original box is not included but the manual and power supply is included. Brand new B stock Amp. Tested and in perfect working order.

The Supro S6420 Thunderbolt pays homage to the original 1964 Supro Amp with the "Blue Rhino Hide" tolex and awesome clean tones. The design is simple, 2 knobs and the truth! This amp is a great fit for a variety of musical styles from Jazz to blues to rock and even heavier as it takes pedals very well as well. This model features a 1x15 speaker with 35w output that sounds great both at high and low volumes due to the dual 6L6 power tubes and the 5U4 rectifier tubes. When cranked all the way up this amp is as clean as it is at low volume, this is due to great design, vintage correct cabinetry and some massive custom transformers which all together puts this great sounding Supro Thunderbolt amp in a class of its own.


Type: Amp

Vendor: Supro

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