Seymour Duncan Pickup Booster Hi-Def Boost and Line Driver Pedal

Seymour Duncan

The Seymour Duncan Pickup Booster keeps the tone and sounds you love from your setup  but it can help bring in some more output, more gain or just a little more control over your guitar’s voicing but without distorting your original tone. It's like putting your guitar on steroids.It'll bring some muscle and thickness to your natural guitar sound and it can also act as a buffer on your pedal board when the gain knob is turned down to 0 because of the push/pull outpage stage this pedal has on board.

Another awesome feature of this great Seymor Ducan pedal is the the Resonance Switch, which works with the pickups directly allowing your single coils to emulate either a chunky humbucker sound,  blues tones,  or a high-output tone for shredding solos. Let's say you have humbuckers, the Pickup Booster will give your guitar a little more bite to your tone, or in the second position it gives you a hint of that ‘cocked-wah’ tone filter vibe which is great for leads. This multi talented Seymour Duncan pedal is hand made in Santa Barbara, CA by the same minds who make the awesome pickups used in many of todays top guitar brands.


Type: pedal

Vendor: Seymour Duncan

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