Schecter Left Handed Diamond J Plus Ivory Electric Bass #2863


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The New Redesigned Left Handed Schecter Diamond-J Plus Bass

Schecter took the Left Hand Diamond-J shape and redesigned it from the ground up to have a Vintage look while having top of the line electronics, versatile tone possibilities, and modern construction.

Starting with the Seymour Duncan Pickups, the Bridge & Neck are the Quarter Pound J ‘SJB-3’. Developed for the bassist who needs the slammin' output of the Hot but with even stronger attack. The quarter-inch pole pieces and intense windings deliver a full response with great sustain.

The Master Volume knob features a ‘Phase Switch’ Push-Pull pot wired for the Quarter Pound J Bridge pickup. In ‘Down position’ the Seymour Duncan ‘SJB-3’ is wired ‘In Phase’ for normal tone when combined with the Neck pickup. In ‘Up position’ the Bridge pickup is wired ‘Out-of-Phase’ when combined with the Neck pickup. This produces an original nasally honky tone with lots of emphasis on the Midrange. Previously a difficult tone to work with because the Low-end is cut until now since adding the Seymour Duncan 2-Band Active EQ with 18v system the Bass can be boosted creating a very unique tone that can be used for Tailoring your original sound.

Schecter was looking for the most versatile tone possibilities so we developed this bass with a 4-Way Rotary Pickup Selector Switch. This gives you the option to combine the Bridge and Neck pickup in ‘Series’ or in ‘Parallel’.

Type: Electric Bass

Vendor: Schecter

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