Schecter Left Handed Damien Platinum 7 SBK #1186


Left Handed Schecter Damien Platinum 7 Guitar Tuners -
ROTOMATICS® WITH 18:1 GEAR RATIO (102-18 SERIES) The original Rotomatic® with an improved higher ratio gearing. The 18:1 ratio provides for finer tuning and greater stability. The finer gears provide smoother tuning and a higher degree of backlash elimination

Left Handed Schecter Damien Platinum 7 Guitar Finger Board -
The most common fretboard, Rosewood is naturally oily, and works well for any surface that sees frequent human contact. The sound is richer in fundamental than Maple because the stray overtones are absorbed into the oily pores.

Left Handed Schecter Damien Platinum 7 Guitar Pickups -
EMG Active 81-7/85-7
Bridge: The 81-7 is a high output pickup designed especially for the 7-string lead guitarist. The 81 is at its best for high volume overdrive and amps with a master volume. Whether you're playing power rock and roll, or overdriving your amp, there's a razor sharp attack, and incredible sustain for brilliant soloing. If you're looking for exceptional qualities in a 7-string rock pickup, the 81-7 is the one. Recommended pairings include the classic 81-7/85-7 setup.

Left Handed Schecter Damien Platinum 7 Guitar Neck -
3-pc Maple
Made with 3 pieces of maple for extra stability. 3 piece necks can withstand the test of time. Where standard necks may show aging defects from temperature and moisture changes throughout the years, the 3 piece neck will stay nice and straight for a lifetime of playability.


Left Handed Schecter Damien Platinum 7 Guitar, 1186

Construction: Set Neck w/ Ultra Access
Available Bodies: - Mahogany
Neck: 3-pc Maple
Finger Board: Rosewood
Frets: 24X Jumbo
Inlay: Platinum Bats
Bindings: Platinum Multi-Ply
Tuners: Grover
Pickups: EMG Active 81-7/85-7
Electronics: Volume/Tone/3-Way
Available Bridges: - TonePros TOM System
Scale: 26.5"
Hardware: Satin Chrome
Available Color: - Satin Black (SBK)


List Price $979.00

Type: Electric Guitar

Vendor: Schecter

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