Reverend Left Handed Billy Corgan Signature Electric Guitar


Ride the Storm Pumpkins Style With This Uniquely Styled Sonic Wonder

Very limited quantities available left handed. For years Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins went back and forth between custom built Strats and Tony Iommi-inspired SG’s, looking for a guitar that would give him all of the varieties of  sounds that he was looking for. This was a combination of what Corgan calls a Sabbath-like high-gain ‘slurry’ in the bass and middle registers, with a highly articulated lead sound reminiscent of his Strat-playing inspiration Uli Roth.

It wasn’t until he collaborated with Joe Naylor of Reverend Guitars that he was able to get all of the tonal and sonic variation that he was looking for from one guitar. The Reverend Left Handed Billy Corgan Signature guitar is the highly anticipated result of this collaboration, combining classic hand-craftsmanship with futuristic design elements to create a guitar that sounds and looks as unique as the music that inspired it.

The Left Handed Billy Corgan Signature guitar features a futuristic offset all Korina body, strategically chambered under the pickguards to increase the overall resonance of the guitar and reduce its weight, giving it that ‘cocked-wah’ sound that Corgan loves. Featuring a raised center section with thinner wings, a satin finish maple neck and fretboard, and a string-thru body bridge design, the Corgan Signature delivers a considerable amount of sustain combined with a curiously Strat-like percussive attack.

Case sold separately.

The key to delivering this incredible combination of sounds is the development of pickups custom-designed to produce the precise sonic qualities that Corgan was looking for. For the Corgan Signature model Reverend founder Joe Naylor designed special Reverend Humcutter Billy Corgan pickups that meld the classic P90 snap with a humbucker chunk, without any hum!

The tone is then further rounded out with Reverend’s proprietary bass contour control which, along with tone and volume controls, allows you to dial up a surprising array of classic and ultra-modern guitar sounds.



  • Solid Korina Body with Strategic Chambers Under the Pickguard
  • Reverend Humcutter Billy Corgan Bridge and Neck Pickups
  • Hardtail String Thru Body Bridge
  • All Maple Neck with Satin Amber Finish
  • 25 1/2" Scale with Medium Oval Neck Profile
  • Maple - 12" Radius Fingerboard with 22 Medium Jumbo Frets
  • Dual Action Truss Rod with Headstock Access
  • Reverend Pin-Lock Tuners
  • 43mm Width - Boneite Nut
  • Volume, Tone, Bass Contour, 3-Way Controls
  • Two-Toned Teardrop Case (Available Separately)


ADK Guitar is Proud to Offer This Reverend Signature Model in a Left Handed Version - Very Limited Quantities!

Despite being designed for Smashing Pumpkins guitarist/singer Billy Corgan, the Left Handed Billy Corgan Signature is an extremely versatile guitar that is suited to just about any style of music. With enough thick bass and high gain to stand up to hard rock and metal rhythm playing, along with rich and warm clean tones and highly articulated leads, the Reverend Corgan Signature is perfect for just about any musical situation.

Vendor: Reverend