Rainsong Right Handed CH-OM1100NS Acoustic Guitar


A Harmonious Blend of Features Touching on all of Rainsong’s Best Lines

RainSong’s Concert Hybrid (CH) series guitars are designed with the performing guitarist in mind, blending a variety of RainSong’s best features in a compact yet rugged instrument that is perfect for touring and gigging. Made from an advanced carbon fiber material, the RainSong Concert Hybrid Orchestra Model (CH-OM1100NS) is visually appealing and tonally versatile enough for any form of music.

The CH-OM1100NS is RainSong’s most intimate guitar, built more for coffee houses than for concert halls like the Dreadnought. The OM (orchestra model) sized body is made from a hybrid carbon fiber material that is shockingly light, durable and impervious to extremes of temperature and humidity. In the Concert Hybrid series, RainSong paired the responsive unidirectional carbon soundboard of the Concert Series with the mellow-sounding, carbon-glass body of the Hybrid Series, creating a guitar that would surprise the most ardent tone-wood enthusiast with its warmth, clarity and projecting power.

The 12-Fret carbon fiber neck with adjustable truss rod and composite fingerboard is a single piece made using RainSong’s patented performance shape casting fabrication process, and offers superior comfort and playability. Since the composite material of the neck resists warping regardless of environmental extremes, the adjustable truss rod feature is more to allow each player to customize the neck to their personal preferences than it is to keep the neck straight. The carbon fiber neck of the CH-OM1100NS is guaranteed to stay straight for the life of the instrument.

Rainsong RH CH-OM1100NS Acoustic Guitar Specifications:

  • Orchestra Model (OM) Carbon Fiber/Glass Body
  • All-Carbon Fiber Unidirectional Soundboard Crafted Using a Projection Tuned Layering Technique
  • Stunning High-Gloss Finish
  • Short Scale 12-fret Carbon Fiber Neck With Composite Fingerboard
  • Adjustable Truss Rod
  • Black Gotoh Tuners with 1:18 Gear Ratio

A balanced touring acoustic guitar that can handle the worst weather

The Concert Hybrid series guitars are designed for performing musicians who have to deal with the kinds of environmental extremes that would virtually destroy a traditional acoustic. Impervious to heat, cold, and extremes in humidity, the RainSong CH-OM1100NS is perfect for performing musicians who live in areas where extremes in temperature and humidity seriously affect their ability to keep their instruments in tune and functional. At $1,349, this RainSong is the perfect solution for the touring professional who needs a lightweight, durable, and tonally versatile guitar for touring and gigging and offers the perfect tone for virtually any form of music.

Type: Acoustic Guitar

Vendor: RainSong

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