Rainsong H-DR1000N2T Acoustic Electric Guitar- Tobacco Burst

Industry Leading Acoustic Tone and Playability Made With High-Tech Materials That Never Warp or Show Signs of Environmental Damage

The traditional workhorse of the acoustic guitar category, the Rainsong Dreadnought Hybrid H-DR1000N2T acoustic-electric guitar is the result of a collaboration between legendary guitarist Steve Miller and master luthier John Bolin. Crafted from a fusion of high-tech materials, this elite acoustic electric guitar has all of the warm tone of a traditional professional-grade acoustic without the danger of warping, cracking or damage from temperature or humidity. (high gloss finish is hard to photograph and there may show some unintended reflections)

Featuring a wide and deep hybrid graphite and glass body, the H-DR1000N2T delivers powerful bass and bright, ringing treble that brings a warm and balanced rhythm sound to any musical arrangement. Perfect for country ensemble playing, where banjos and mandolins compete in the treble register, the RainSong Dreadnought’s unidirectional carbon fiber soundboard, crafted using RainSong's projection tuned layering technique, closely mimics the tone and grain of fine spruce, delivering finely articulated leads and bright, ringing rhythm tones that make its presence thoroughly known.

The special N2 neck is the crowning achievement of Miller and Bolin’s collaboration. Based on a modified ‘U’ profile popular in the acoustic category since the 1950‘s, the neck and fingerboard are made from space-age graphite which does not bow or warp due to humidity or temperature. Despite this fact, RainSong has equipped the neck with an adjustable truss rod that is accessible from the headstock, allowing each player to customize the neck to their exact playing preferences.

The electronics include RainSong’s Fishman Prefix acoustic matrix undersaddle pickup with onboard preamp, a super quiet undersaddle pickup with EQ slider controls for volume, bass, treble and semi-parametric contour, as well as a phase switch and notch filter to prevent feedback. The Fishman Prefix also comes equipped with a chromatic tuner that can be used without plugging-in. A 9-volt battery provides up to 150 hours of play time.


  • Hybrid Graphite and Glass Body with no Body Braces and a Lacquered Tobacco Burst Finish
  • Patented Hybrid Graphite N2 Neck 
  • 21-Fret Composite Fingerboard with Custom Shark Inlays
  • Adjustable Truss Rod
  • Graphite and Carbon Fiber Unidirectional Soundboard
  • Chrome-plated Gotoh Tuners
  • Fishman Prefix Plus-T Undersaddle Pickup

A Reliable, Durable Hybrid Dreadnought for Country and Blues Guitarists

This guitar is perfect for professional country and blues guitarists who are tired of disappearing in ensemble arrangements. Any touring guitarist is sure to appreciate the RainSong Dreadnought’s durable body and powerful, distinct tone. Lightweight and nearly indestructible, the RainSong Dreadnought is the perfect electric-acoustic to take on the road with you. At $1,849 the Hybrid version of the Dreadnought is considerably less expensive than the all-graphite version. The carbon fiber and glass construction ensure that this guitar will look and play like new for decades, making it a guitar for life.