Ortega Left Handed RCE138-L Slim Neck Acoustic Electric Cutaway Classical Guitar


Nylon String Acoustic, Stage-Ready with Specially Designed Preamp and Modern Enhancements Designed for Player Comfort

The Ortega Feel Series ‘slim neck’ (SN) Guitars are traditional nylon string acoustics with modern enhancements that improve player comfort and playability. The left handed single cutaway Ortega R138-L features a highly resonant Canadian Cedar top with Mahogany back and sides and a decorative Maple body binding and a gorgeous Ortega Signature mother of pearl Rosette. With a solid top and laminate sides, the Ortega lefty R138-L has a warm tone with nice volume and projection.

The area where the most modern enhancements have been made is in the neck design. This Ortega Feel Series guitar features the SN ‘Slim Neck’ modern neck design with an ample cutaway design which allows unfettered access to the frets usually locked in where neck meets body, and the enhanced playability of a slim neck that you would expect from a modern acoustic or electric guitar. With a nut width of 48mm instead of the traditional 52mm, the neck is narrower and easier to play.

The lefty R138-L features Ortega’s new 12-hole walnut bridge system which helps to reduce string tension and sweeten the overall tone of this traditional nylon string acoustic. The 12 hole bridge design also decreases the likelihood of string breakage and makes string replacement much easier. And with built in ORTEGA MagusPro-NL electronics, this gorgeous classical acoustic comes stage-ready with Ortega’s proprietary preamp with built in tuner and 3-band EQ designed to support the natural nylon-string tone of their classical instruments. 



  • Color: Natural 
  • Top Wood: Canadian Cedar 
  • Finish, top: gloss 
  • Wood, back: mahogany 
  • Finish, back: gloss 
  • Wood, neck: solid mahogany 
  • Finish, neck: gloss 
  • Neck type: Spanish heel with 2way truss rod 
  • Wood, fretboard: Blackwood 
  • Binding, fretboard: Walnut 
  • Wood, bridge: Blackwood 
  • Tuner: Ortega, gold plated
  • Electronics: ORTEGA MagusPro-NL 
  • Fret: 19 
  • Binding, body: maple 
  • Scalelength: 650 
  • Nut width: 50 mm 
  • Depth, body: 102 mm 
  • Rosette: ORTEGA SIGNATURE ! Mother of pearl / walnut / maple inlay 


Stage-Ready Slim Neck Classical Acoustic Delivers Traditional Tone with a Modern Feel and State of the Art Electronics  

The left handed Ortega R138-L classical acoustic electric is one of Ortega’s ‘slim neck’ classical acoustics that combines traditional aesthetics with modern enhancements to create a beautiful nylon string classical acoustic that comes performance ready with a state of the art preamp system. Featuring the Ortega MagnusPro-NL preamp system, you will enjoy natural nylon string tone with 3-band EQ whether you play acoustically or plug in

Vendor: Ortega