Nobels ODR-S Overdrive Special Pedal


Nobels ODR-S Overdrive Special
"Quality/Price: Best!"
(Guitarist Magazine, France)

Toploading Battery Compartment
Protected Controls - due to housing design
Compact solid metal housing
Soft Switching (momentary switch instead of latched type)
Jack for Remote ON/OFF-switching by midi switchers or regular momentary switches
Big Stomp Area
LED indicator

Overdrive with 3-band EQ
3-band equalizer for detailed Blues and Crunch sounds.


Drive, Level, Lo, Mid, Hi

Input for remote switch, heavy metalhousing, low batteryconsumption, easy/fast battery exchange

Power Supply Jack (battery or adaptor operation possible)
9V and 12V-operation possible (12V gives increased headroom for sound units)
optional: 9V battery or power adaptor with 150mA (or more), negative tip

This New Model Nobels ODR-S Special Overdrive Pedal has Integrated Mounting Plates for a quick and easy mount to any Pedal Board

Type: pedal

Vendor: Nobels

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